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New Legend Rank Coming To Street Fighter 6

Capcom revealed a new rank above Master that will serve the very best players in Street Fighter 6. We've got all the details shown at Tokyo Game Show

During the Capcom Showcase for Tokyo Game Show, the Street Fighter 6 team announced that a new rank for folks battling online is coming out in November. The Legend rank is making its debut with the start of Master League Phase 2 and aims to show off the best players that SF6 has to offer.

SF6 ranking structure with Legend

The new Legend rank is an expansion of the Master League which was released late this summer. Due to the lack of tiers at the Master rank, the top-flight players of SF6 didn’t really have much to grind for beyond improvement. However, with the introduction of Master League you got a chance to see who’s the best in Master. Well, now with Legend the best of the best can finally have some additional bragging rights.

The Legend rank is reserved for only the top 500 players in the world at the end of a Master League Phase. Theoretically, this means that there should be players constantly falling in and out of Legend rank with each window. This gives the top players something to battle over and will surely have some additional flair to sow envy in the hearts of Street Fighters everywhere.

The new rank is slated to go live on November 1st alongside additional “Training Mode Shortcut Settings”. They specifically cited more options for Reversals, the Frame Meter, and recording settings that should make practicing easier.