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Street Fighter 6 — It'll Cost Over $100 For Every Outfit 3

The highly anticipated third set of costumes has arrived and with it fighting game fans continue to experience sticker shock at Outfit 3 cost
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How to get Outfit 3 for All Characters in SF6

  • Street Fighter 6’s New Costumes Will Cost 300 Fighter Coins Each (Around $6)
  • This puts the new costumes on par with, if not cheaper, than most other esports genres.
  • It will cost around $108 for all 18 costumes.

Finally, the coveted “Outfit 3” update in Street Fighter 6 is here and new costumes for the game's original 18 characters are live. However, there was one major question about the DLC still left looming and that’s “How much do Street Fighter 6’s new skins cost?”. We now have our answer and it is par for the course for most online games. Each skin will cost 300 Fighter Coins which equals out to around $6. So for every skin, you’ll need to spend about $106 if you’re a collector.

While the price for everything may give you some sticker shock, it's important to note that $6 per skin puts SF6 around the industry average for this kind of content. If we compare Street Fighter 6 to its contemporaries from other genres, that price point is pretty standard. Games like League of Legends, Valorant, Apex Legends and Smite all have skins that are significantly more expensive than anything Street Fighter 6 is offering.

Elementalist Lux legendary skin

Elementalist Lux costs roughly $40 in League of Legends

How Much do Modern Skins Cost?

Not including some ultra rare and impossible-to-obtain old Pax skins, an outfit like Elementalist Lux in League of Legends costs around $40. There are also many skins in Smite like Demonic Thanatos and Nature’s Totem Hou Yi, that cost 8000 gems which you can purchase for $99.99. This isn’t even scratching the surface of shooters that allow you to purchase costumes for your player character, player avatars, weapon skins, gliders (in the case of Fortnite) and gun buddies. All of these often come in bundles which can run you over $100, and are released nearly every month.

The new Street Fighter 6 Outfits come with all the alternate colors and there’s now even an option to select the costume of your opponent in case there’s an outfit or colorway that offends your sensibilities. The new Outfit 3 update is out now along with a new holiday-themed battle pass.