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Street Fighter 6 Gets 36th Anniversary Fighting Pass

Unlock all the latest SF6 rewards in a new Fighting Pass that celebrates the franchise's 36th anniversary

Street Fighter 6 is celebrating the franchise’s 36th anniversary with a new Fighting Pass.

The new Fighting Pass is now live, including cosmetics and other in-game items that are inspired by the game’s history. The retro rewards include titles, music, and avatar gear. You can also get access to the very first Street Fighter game.

The Street Fighter Pass will be around until August 23, 2023.

What’s in the Street Fighter 6 Fighter Pass?

There are multiple versions of the Fighter Pass, including one free pass and a premium one. The premium version costs 250 Fighter Coins, which is about $5.

The free Fighting Pass includes 20 reward tiers but you’ll get 10 more in the premium version. The free tier has eight rewards total but you will be able to unlock 30 items with the premium pass if you earn in-game Kudos.

If you don’t have time for the grind, buy the premium pass and then pay another 600 Fighter Coins for about $12 to skip 10 tiers. Individual tiers can be skipped for 50 Fighter Coins, which is about $1 a tier.

Street Fighter 36th Anniversary

The first Street Fighter game ever came out on August 12, 1987. It was only available in arcades and had just two characters: Ryu and Ken. The game became a lot more familiar when Street Fighter 2 came out in 1991.

The Fighting Pass has a lot of items that you’ll recognize if you played Street Fighter and Street Fighter 2.

If you buy the premium Fighting Pass, you will also be given access to Street Fighter 1, which is pretty awesome.

Street Fighter came to be when Takashi Nishiyama decided to make a game centered around the boss fights that were in his previous game, Kung-Fu Master. The boss fights were inspired by Bruce Lee’s fighting sequences in Game of Death.

Nishiyama was very inspired by martial arts he was practicing at the time. The goal was to create different characters that came from a variety of backgrounds and had their own fighting styles.

Street Fighter has come a long way since, with Street Fighter 6 often considered one of the most successful fighting games in recent history. The popular game features a lot of new mechanics and interesting characters that continue to reimagine what a fighting game truly is.