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Outfit 3 for Street Fighter 6 Characters Finally Revealed

The long-awaited Outfit 3 reveal is here! Huge skin updates for every character in Street Fighter 6 including Juri, Kimberly and more

With a quick announcement on YouTube, Capcom unveiled the much-awaited release date for new costumes in Street Fighter 6. Previously teased at events like EVO earlier this year, each of the main (non-DLC) cast will receive new fits on December 1st.

In the trailer, we got a chance to see each of the new costumes in action for the base game cast of 18 characters. This means everyone, besides Rashid and A.K.I., is receiving some new threads for the Holidays. And for the keen-eyed completionists of Street Fighter 6, many of these outfits were teased in the endings or World Tour quests. For example, Marisa’s Wedding Dress costume is based on a piece of art you can only see by maxing out her affinity in World Tour mode. Others, like Luke’s, are callbacks to previous costumes. And a few have totally original creations like Ken, Juri and Dee Jay.

The Long Wait for Outfit 3

The costumes are coming on the back of a tweet from the official Street Fighter account that acknowledged that the new costumes were real, and not just concepts like some thought. By the end of Street Fighter V, most characters received around six to seven costumes, and in the case of Chun-Li, over 20.

As it stands currently there is no information on how much the costumes will cost or if there will be a bundle to buy them all at once. Earlier this year, Street Fighter 6 charged around $15 for their Ninja Turtle DLC skins. However, because it's not a licensed collaboration, the price may be different for the original cast members.