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NBA 2K24 Mamba Moments Explained: How to relive iconic Kobe Bryant games

2K announced a new game mode in honor of Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant. Here is everything you need to know about Mamba Moments and how to play as the Black Mamba in NBA 2K24.
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With NBA 2K23 being the 23rd series entry, the game paid homage to the player most synonymous with the number, Michael Jordan, in the Jordan Challenge mode. For NBA 2K24, the devs followed a similar pattern by honoring Kobe Bryant as the game's cover athlete. For the last 10 years of Bryant's career, he dawned number 24 and etched it into the basketball history books.

Besides being the game's cover athlete, 2K announced a new game mode that gives players an opportunity to recreate some of the most memorable moments from the basketball legend's career. From setting the NBA three-point record to taking on his mentor, Michael Jordan, let's jump right into what fans can expect with Mamba Moments.

What is NBA 2K24 Mamba Moments?

Mamba Moments is a new single-player experience that recreates seven unforgettable Black Mamba milestones. 2K teased the mode by releasing a first-look trailer.

Every NBA 2K24 Mamba Moment

Here is a list of all seven Mamba Moments:

2001 Western Conference Semifinals, Game 4

The spotlight proved to not be too bright for Bryant at just 22 years old, as the phenom went on to score 48 points and grab 16 boards. The Black Mamba sent Sacramento home packing in an emphatic four-game sweep and the Lakers would go on to beat the 76ers in the NBA Championship.

Kobe Sets NBA Three-Point Record

Believe it or not, Stephen Curry does not have the NBA record for most three-pointers in a game. In 2003, Bryant terrorized the Seattle Supersonics by nailing 12 from beyond the arc. Klay Thompson would later go on to break that record in 2018 by hitting 14, but nothing can take away from Bryant's unstoppable performance.

The Mentee Faces His Mentor

In the same vein as Patrick Mahomes going against Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant went head to head against Michael Jordan on several occasions. The Lakers legend took one to Jordan in a regular season matchup by putting up an unthinkable 55-point performance.

Kobe Erupts for 62 Points In Three Quarters

Bryant has been known to go unconscious and take over games on his own throughout his career. But one game that stands out in particular is his 62-point in three-quarter performance against the Dallas Mavericks in 2005.

Three-Point Barrage Leads to 65-Point Game

In typical Black Mamba fashion, Bryant took matters into his own hands and dropped 65 points on the Trailer Blazers' heads in 2007. When in doubt, the Lakers could always rely on Bryant to shift the tides when Los Angeles needed it most.

2008 Western Conference Finals, Game 5

The Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs dominated the early 2000s. Both organizations took home their fair share of silverware, but it was Bryant who got in the way of a back-to-back run in 2008 by scoring 39 points in a crucial Western Conference matchup.

2010 NBA Finals, Game 7

Boston's Big 3 combo of Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett shared a striking resemblance to the Celtics former unstoppable trio of Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, and Larry Bird. Kobe Bryant helped reignite an age-old rivalry from the days of Bird against Magic Johnson in the 2008 and 2010 NBA Finals. Boston won the first time, but Kobe Bryant and company bounced back, and the Black Mamba delivered one of his most iconic performances in a grueling Game 7 to secure back-to-back titles.

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