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Best Decks in the One Piece Card Game

A look at the top three decks in One Piece as the OP05 metagame starts to stabilize.

The newest One Piece Card Game expansion, OP05 Era of a New Awakening has shaken up the competitive metagame in a big way for the first time in nearly a year. Over the past few sets, three decks in particular have been at the forefront of every tournament those being Edward Newgate, Roranoa Zoro and Trafalgar D. Law. But the Red dominant game has seemingly phased out in this new meta-warping set that brings underperforming colors into the limelight. Here is a look at the top three decks players need to know about before jumping into One Piece Card Game events.

One Piece set 5 box

The metagame for the One Piece Card Game in OP05 currently consists of a triangle format that features three decks in particular.

  • Blue/Black Sakazuki
  • Yellow Enel
  • Purple Luffy

Blue/Black Sakazuki

Sakazuki is a combo deck disguised as a control deck that relies on filtering cards in and out of your hand and Trash in order to set up the standard go-to play in the mid-to-late game of Rebecca into Hina and Rob Lucci that can clear the board with ease. The deck is able to loop this combo without investing other resources to aggressively tear down opposing boards while building their own every single turn. The deck also plays powerful reduction cards like Great Eruption that can be used in conjunction with other removal cards like Hound Blaze and Borsalino. List provided is from the Paris Treasure Cup champion Pierre Breuil.

  • 1 OP05-041 Sakazuki
  • 4 OP02-106 Tsuru
  • 2 OP05-088 Mansherry
  • 4 OP05-091 Rebecca
  • 4 OP03-089 Brannew
  • 4 ST06-006 Tashigi
  • 4 ST06-008 Hina
  • 2 OP02-096 Kuzan
  • 4 OP02-114 Borsalino
  • 4 OP05-093 Rob Lucci
  • 3 OP04-083 Sabo
  • 4 OP05-051 Borsalino
  • 3 OP02-117 Ice Age
  • 4 ST06-015 Great Eruption
  • 4 OP05-057 Hound Blaze
  • 1 ST06-017 Marineford

Yellow Enel

Enel is the newest addition to the annoying to play against Yellow deck line up which is thanks to the leader’s unique ability that says if the player drops to zero Life on their opponent's turn, they can once per turn discard a card to place the top card of their deck into their life. This effectively means that players will have to kill Enel players from two life in order to seal the game. With cards like Yamato and Katakuri also adding cards into life, this deck is frustratingly good. The list provided is from Los Angeles Regional Champion Justin Saenz.

  • 1 OP05-098 Enel
  • 2 OP05-104 Conis
  • 4 OP03-116 Shirahoshi
  • 2 OP05-106 Shura
  • 4 OP04-100 Capone "Gang" Bege
  • 4 OP05-110 Holly
  • 2 OP03-108 Charlotte Cracker
  • 4 OP04-104 Sanji
  • 4 OP05-101 Ohm
  • 4 OP05-105 Satori
  • 3 OP05-102 Gedatsu
  • 3 OP05-100 Enel
  • 2 ST07-010 Charlotte Linlin
  • 3 OP03-123 Charlotte Katakuri
  • 4 OP04-112 Yamato
  • 3 OP03-121 Thunder Bolt
  • 2 OP05-115 Two-Hundred Million Volts Amaru

Purple Luffy

Not since the first set of the game has there been a bonafide meta Purple deck, Back in OP01, Purple Kaido showcased the power of what ramping into powerful high-cost cards can do but the downfall of that deck was its inconsistency thanks to having its ramp be in the form of a at the time, unsearchable stage. But Purple Luffy can just simply ramp on command and get card advantage off of it. Inherent ramp in a combination of many five-cost powerhouses like Magellan, Queen and Kid and of course, the nine-cost boss of Kaido makes Purple Luffy the “swing big and fast” deck of the format. The list provided is from Los Angeles Regional third place finisher, William Rodriguez.

  • 1 OP05-060 Monkey.D.Luffy
  • 4 OP05-073 Miss Doublefinger (Zala)
  • 4 ST04-002 Ulti
  • 4 ST10-010 Trafalgar Law
  • 4 OP01-114 X Drake
  • 1 OP01-103 Scratchmen Apoo
  • 1 OP02-088 Sphinx
  • 4 ST04-012 Page One
  • 1 ST05-013 Binz
  • 4 OP02-085 Magellan
  • 4 OP03-066 Paulie
  • 4 OP05-074 Eustass"Captain"Kid
  • 4 ST04-005 Queen
  • 3 ST10-013 Eustass"Captain"Kid
  • 1 OP01-092 Urashima
  • 2 ST04-003 Kaido
  • 3 OP03-072 Gum Gum Jet Gatling
  • 2 OP01-117 Sheep's Horn