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One Piece Card Game — Best Cards in OP05 Awakening of the New Era

Awakening of the New Era has totally change the meta of the One Piece Card Game. Get all the info you need to build the best decks with cards from OP05

Perhaps the most important set to ever come out for the One Piece Card Game has finally been released. Awakening of the New Era, or OP05, brings a series of meta-warping card that will switch the meta on its head. After four expansions of Red decks dominating, OP05 shows that more colors deserve that spotlight.

Here is a list of the top 10 cards in OP05 that are responsible for the meta shift and cards that every OPTCG player will for sure want to pick up to dominate their competition.

The best cards in OP05 include the trio of new meta leaders, Sakazuki, Luffy, and Enel along with their support cards which include Hound Blaze, Rob Lucci, Rebecca and Borsalino for Sakazuki. Eustass “Captain” Kid for Luffy and Gedatsu and the Enel character for Enel leader.

Sakazuki (Leader)

Sakazuki in One Piece Card Game

Leader Sakazuki card in OP05

For the first time in what feels like a year, a bonafide meta-warping leader has finally been released and this one is absurd. Sakazuki is the first generic blue/black leader which combines two of the most powerful colors in the entire game. Furthermore, Sakazuki’s abilities are incredibly simplistic but powerful. 

The first one is simple, once per turn discard a card to draw a card which is fantastic at making plays consistent. The other is a simple, on-attack target character loses one to their cost which opens up board-clearing plays that were not possible before. All in all, expect to see this leader all over the place in OP05.

Hound Blaze

Hound Blaze event from One Piece Card Game

Hound Blaze is a strong event from OP05

A lot of cards in the rest of this top 10 are cards that directly support Sakazuki. In the second-best card slot is one of Sakazuki’s signature moves, Houndblaze. This two-cost event gives target leader or character plus 3000 power and bottom decks a two-cost character on the opponent's board. 

Thanks to how the Sakazuki deck is built, this card can potentially bottom deck any character in the game while also giving a 3000 power boost to anything at the same time. The 3000 power boost by itself makes the card borderline playable, the bottom deck feature makes the card borderline bannable.

Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci in One Piece Card Game

Rob Lucci card from OP05

Another staple card in the Sakazuki deck. Black has always had fantastic single-target destruction but having a card that can two for one is something the color has lacked for three expansions and it finally gets in alongside a meta Black leader. Rob Lucci on play pops a two-cost and a one-cost character but we know that thanks to the cost reduction the deck has, Lucci can pop characters way more impactful than that.


Rebecca in One Piece Card Game

The card that combos so well with Rob Lucci, Rebecca is a four-cost 0 Power block that pulls up a Black card from the trash and plays a three-cost black card from the hand. Thanks to the Hina from SD06, Rebecca on play puts up a blocker, a 5000 power attacker and minuses something by four-cost making her a fantastic build-a-board card and a staple in every Black deck.

Monkey. D. Luffy (leader)

Monkey D. Luffy leader from One Piece Card Game

OP05 Monkey D. Luffy leader card

Enough with the Sakazuki cards, in OP05 two other leaders essentially make up the top three decks in the entire game. Although Sakazuki is the clear best, the new Purple Luffy leader is nothing to scoff at. Purple as a color has needed a consistent ramp option for the longest time and get the perfect ramp enabler it could ask for with Purple Luffy’s ability which simply reads, add a card from the top of your life to your hand, ramp one Don! Active. 

This ability allows for an aggressive top-end curve which forces opponents to have answers or get run over.

Enel (Leader)

Enel leader card in One Piece Card Game

Enel leader from Op05

The last of the new meta trio is a new Yellow leader, Enel. Enel is a mono-Yellow leader but has a very frustrating to-play-against leader ability that reads, if on your opponent's turn this leader would go down to zero life, discard a card and place the top card of your deck into your life facedown. This essentially means that players will have to kill Enel from two life as poking the leader down accomplishes nothing.

Enel (Character)

Enel card from One Piece Card Game

Enel character card from OP05

Now, the Enel deck wouldnt be nearly as good without the Enel character himself. This seven-cost 7000 power rusher has a unique effect that states if this character would be removed from the field, the player can trash a life instead. This effect is incredible since its immune to every sort of removal in the game at the cost of trashing a life, and trashing a life is hardly a cost in Enel since the leader can just regenerate it.


Borsalino card in One Piece Card Game

Borsalino from OP05

One more Sakazuki support card makes the top 10 in the eight spot with the new seven-cost Borsalino. This card bottom decks a four-cost character on play and is usually the top end of choice for Sakazuki decks.

Eustess “Captain” Kid

Eustass Captain Kid in One Piece TCG

The most powerful support card that Purple Luffy and every Purple deck received in OP05 is the new five-cost Kid Blocker. On top of having 6000 power, this Kid has a very powerful effect which off-sets the negative of minusing Don to use powerful effects. When you use a don minus effect on your turn while this card is on the board, you get to ramp a don active which essentially makes don minus effects free.