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Eddy Gordo Is Tekken 8's First DLC Character

Tekken 8's first DLC character was revealed at the Tekken World Tour. Learn everything you need to know about Eddy Gordo in Tekken 8

Tekken 8 is only a few days from release and fans are eagerly awaiting to find any additional news about the game. During the Tekken World Tour stream they received an answer. Series mainstay, Eddie Gordo will be Tekken 8’s first DLC character. And he’ll be released this spring. While the rest of the DLC roster remained unannounced. We also saw that he’ll be the first of a series of quarterly character releases.

Eddy Gordo Reveal

At A Glance

  • Eddy Gordo will be the first DLC character coming to Tekken 8
  • He will arrive sometime in the spring with no official date given
  • Eddy made his debut in Tekken 3 and is a fan favorite in the series.

Who Is Eddy Gordo?

Eddy is a Brazilian Capoeira master who made his debut way back in Tekken 3. He was historic in the sense of being the first Capoeira practitioner in a 3d fighting game. He was predated by Richard Meyer and Bob Wilson of the Fatal Fury series but those games were 2d only. But when Eddy hit the scene in 1997, he took the gaming world by storm. He was one of the most dynamic characters we’d ever seen, mostly because people were so unfamiliar with Capoeira as a martial art to begin with. In Tekken 4, he was eventually replaced by his protege, Christie Montiero, but by the time Tekken 5 rolled around he was at least a guest character.

When it comes to gameplay, Eddy was a very beginner-friendly character. Because Capoeira is a mostly kick-based art, you didn’t need to bother much with half the attack buttons. And, because Eddy’s moves often flow into other ones, he lent himself to button-mashing out rounds. As time went on, and players got better, he fell in popularity due to his massively unsafe moves and telegraphed attacks.

What’s Eddy Like In Tekken 8?

During the Tekken Talk Live, before the Top 8’s of the TWT Finals, we got a look at the full intro and Eddy was revealed directly after that. In the short trailer, we got a glimpse of some of his intros and even some motion capture sessions. He takes on Nina in what seems to be a pre-match or story cinematic and overall has a different look than what we are used to.

He also plays a Berimbau in his intro, which is a traditional Angolan instrument that was carried over by slaves into Brazil. This is a key cultural element to Capoeira as well, as many sessions or “rodas” take place to the sound of this instrument. This is a small way the Tekken team decided to pay homage to the traditions of Capoeira in T8.

Tekken 8 releases on January 26th, 2023.