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Tekken 8 Roadmap Causes Fan Concern Over In-Game Shop

The next few months of Tekken 8 are going to be wild, with fun cosmetics, new characters, and gameplay changes.

Tekken 8 developers have shared a road map for the next few months, revealing cosmetic collaborations and a game update. 

Bandai Namco presented a road map for February and a bit beyond in a livestream on February 19. Season One was broken into three parts. Here's everything you can expect going forward. 

Tekken 8 Post-Release Roadmap 

We are already in Season One, so we're right in the thick of what's coming for Tekken 8 after its release. Here are the biggest things to look forward to the next few weeks. 

Eddy Is Coming

Developers confirmed that Eddy is coming sometime in the Spring. He was already confirmed as the first Season One DLC but now we have a better idea of when he's coming thanks to the roadmap. 

When he arrives, Eddy will come with more mobility and new animations. Another interesting aspect of Eddy is that developers added him with new players in mind. This means he'll be easier to learn but it also might mean facing more Eddy's online than expected. 

Second Gameplay Update

A second update is also coming very soon. Developers have no confirmed date but predict it will be in February or March. The patch notes will come a day before the update is released. 

Bandai shared some of the adjustments players can expect. It includes: 

  • Alisia’s Brute Force Attack follow-up
  • Victor’s throw escape window
  • Chain throws becoming unbreakable during a punish

Tekken 8 In-Game Shop

One of the more controversial things coming to Tekken 8 is an in-game shop. The Tekken Shop will offer customization items for players to buy, including character-themed avatar skins. New items will be added to the shop once or twice a month. 

This is a big change for the Tekken community since the game was launched with no in-game transactions. Every item could be unlocked with Fight Points, which are earned through gameplay. 

The bright side, however, is that these items are not mandatory. They are simply cosmetic, so you don't have to spend cash if you don't want to. Of course, developers will be trying to tempt you. 

If you don't want to spend money, you can enjoy the upcoming UNIQLO collaboration. This includes free gear in the Fight Lounge store which will not cost real-world money. 

Tekken 8 Uniqlo

More Changes in Spring 2024

Beyond these more immediate changes, developers shared some other exciting updates for Tekken 8 players. The Tekken World Tour is starting in April, bringing leaderboards and offline events for competitive players. 

On the casual side, developers are working on features like Ghosts vs. Ghosts and Photo Mode around May. Expect more announcements and updates as the year continues.