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Tekken World Tour 2024 Announced — Dates, Dojos, Tournaments, Leaderboards

The Tekken World Tour 2024 was announced at the Tekken World Tour Finals over the weekend. Some interesting new details were also revealed, including some big upcoming tournaments and a new way to qualify for the Finals this year.

The crowd went nuts when the Tekken World Tour Finals shared the trailer for the Tekken World Tour 2024. The trailer showed top players in action and then went into some new information about what’s to come for the game’s esports scene.

Tekken World Tour 2024 New Details Revealed

The Tekken World Tour will now have two leaderboards — Global and Regional. The Regional leaderboard is based on points earned at Dojo Events in a player’s region. Their region must be selected at the start of the season and they can grind local events (Dojos) to reach the top of the leaderboard. Players at the top of their region’s leaderboard can qualify for a spot in the Tekken World Final 2024.

“Not everyone is a sponsored player who can fly around the world. Now you have a chance if you compete at local Dojos,” said Michael Murray.

Another big change is that there will now be offline events only. This was a change that had the crowd more than excited. No online tournaments will be part of the official 2024 circuit.

Katsuhiro Harada Tekken World Tour 2024 announcement

The Tekken World Tour 2024 will begin on April 13, 2024, but Dojo submissions will open at the end of March. The date and location of the World Tour Finals hasn’t been announced just yet but expect a full schedule soon.

Some new events have been announced, however, including a new Master+ event: Evo Japan 2024. This tournament will take place on April 27 - 29, revealing the dates of Evo Japan 2024 for the first time. The event will be held at the Ariake Gym-EX.

“We want more numbers than other certain fighting games so please register,” Katsuhiro Harada joked.

Tekken World Tour 2024 Gets New Partner

Chipotle has been announced as the new Tekken World Tour 2024 partner, launching when Tekken 8 comes out at the end of the month.

This mashup will be a dynamic one, with developers explaining that there will be regional menus that fans can help create and vote on. These special items will become available for people to purchase on Chipotle’s mobile app.

Chipotle has been a long-time fighting game partner and currently is a sponsor for Street Fighter 6.

More information about the Tekken World Tour 2024 will be revealed soon, including exclusive information from Esports Illustrated.