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Victor Chevalier Is Tekken 8's New Fly Fighter

Check out the latest character to join the Tekken 8 roster — French fighter Victor Chevalier

With only a couple of characters left to be revealed, Bandai Namco dropped a trailer today for their newest character. Making his debut in the series is French assassin, Victor Chevalier who’s easily one of the more unique additions to Tekken in a while. In addition to his suave exterior, Victor is also voiced by legendary French actor Vincent Cassel who’s known from such films as “La Haine” and “Ocean’s Twelve”.

While Victor is a new character to the Tekken, he’s very impactful to the lore. According to Bandai Namco, Victor is the founder of the United Nations Raven Force. Which means not only is he incredibly skilled in ninjutsu, but he also ranks above T7’s Master Raven and T8’s Raven. He established the Raven Force in direct opposition to Heihachi (and later Jin) and the Mishima Zaibatsu. In a post about the new character, Cassel told Namco that he learned of Tekken way back in the 90’s when he was practicing capoeira, leading him to become an Eddy Gordo main.

Tekken 8 character reveal for Victor Chevalier

When it comes to playstyle, he's much more rooted than many other fighters. Armed with a karambit and combat knife, Victor looks like he’ll command the close range. He’s not leaping into the air much, instead depending on a sort of teleport/mist step that allows him to get in and apply pressure. He’s an interesting mix of John Wick style knife/close-range pistol attacks and big sweeping slashes from his “optical” katana. Victor seems to be a foil to Raven in the same way Leroy functions as a goal for Feng. These older gentlemen are ready to show the whippersnappers what’s what in Tekken 8.

Also revealed with Victor was a new stage for Tekken 8 which takes place on a yacht. The boat cruises down the banks of the Seine in central Paris which makes it one of the few Tekken stages that moves. With the announcement of Victor, that means that there’s only one character reveal left before launch. Tekken 8 is slated to release on January 26th, 2024.