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Teamfight Tactics 13.24 Patch Notes: The TFT Vegas Open patch

A few important changes ahead of Riot’s first-ever official TFT LAN event happening in Las Vegas. Get the full TFT patch 13.24 patch notes

Usually, the first patch after a set launches in Teamfight Tactics contains a ton of changes to overhaul the metagame which is due to the volatile nature of releasing essentially a brand-new game. However, the fact that the meta has been very solid and that the TFT Vegas Open is this weekend, the TFT Patch 13.24 notes are surprisingly light.

With that said, some glaring issues are being addressed in Patch 13.24 to make sure the meta is in a perfect state leading to this weekend’s event. Here are all the changes players will want to check out in the new TFT patch when it launches on live servers on Wednesday, December 6.

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Secret Agent Miss Fortune Remix Rumble

TFT Patch 13.24 highlights include:

  • Ziggs nerf
  • No more Emerald pop-up when queuing for TFT
  • Four-cost champions buffed

System changes

Multiple portals are being renamed to make their character count shorter while making them sound more on-theme.

  • 1st Augment Gold to Golden Prelude
  • 1st Augment Prismatic to Prismatic Prelude
  • 3rd Augment Gold to Golden Finale
  • 3rd Augment Prismatic to Prismatic Finale
  • All Silver Augments to; Silver Symphony
  • All Gold Augments to; Golden Symphony
  • All Prismatic Augments to Prismatic Symphony
  • Gold Per Augment to Augment Payout
  • Gold Per Item to Item Payout
  • 3-Cost Start to 3-Cost Champion
  • Triple Champion Start to 3 Champions
  • Player Health Increase to Larger Legends
  • Double Item Carousel to Loaded Carousels


Zac is getting a buff to his headliner bonus while Katarina, Samira, Miss Fortune and of course, Ziggs are getting some nerfs.

  • Kennen: 75 HP 4% Max HP Heal to 75 HP 2% Max HP Heal
  • Bard: Doot Damage: 95/140/215 to 85/125/190
  • Katarina: 200 HP 45% Bounce Damage to 150 HP 25% Bonus Damage
  • Miss Fortune: 25% AD to 20% AD
  • Samira: 15% AD 10% Crit to 5% AD 10% Crit
  • Sett: 250 HP to 150 HP
  • Zac: 150 HP 10 AP to 200 HP 15 AP
  • Ziggs: 5 AP 10 Mana Reduction to 5 AP 5 Mana Reduction


Some of the prismatic augments are getting some touches either because they are overperforming like Binary Airdrop or underperforming like Infernal Contract.

  • Bigger Shot (Big Shot) (Bugfix) no longer does more damage than intended to the primary
  • target.
  • Good For Something I (Bugfix): Now correctly has a 30% drop chance instead of 50%.
  • Reach the Summit when you reach Level 9: gain 50 XP to gain 10 gold and 50 XP
  • Young Wild & Free (Bugfix): Now correctly drops gold. Lowered to 2 gold from 3 gold
  • Live for Danger (Edgelord) Bonus Damage: 30% to 40%
  • Ramping Rhythm (Rapidfire) now starts Rapidfire champs at 3 stacks immediately
  • Submit to the Pit (Mosher) Armor, MR, AD, AP, AS: 3 to 5
  • That’s Jazz Baby (Jazz) HP Per Stack: 40 to 20
  • That’s Jazz Baby (Jazz) AS Per Stack: 3% to 2%
  • Binary Airdrop: Grants a component to Grants 2 gold
  • Endless Hordes max HP Reduction: 15% to 20%
  • Going Long now additionally grants 8 gold immediately
  • Infernal Contract Gold: 75g to 90g


Its no surprise that Jazz has been the trait to play of the initial TFT Remix Rumble update. This patch brings some much-needed nerfs to that trait and Country while giving some love to 8-Bit.


  • AD Per Stack: 3.5/6/10% to 4.5/7.5/12%
  • Grand Prize Score: 456789 to 345678


  • Country 3 Attack Speed Bonus: 20% to 15%
  • 5 Country Omnivamp Bonus: 20% to 15%


  • Max Health Shield ratio: 30/50/70% to 25/40/60%


  • Max HP Per Trait: 2/3/4% to 1.5/2/3%
  • Bonus Damage Per Trait: 1/2/3% to 1/1.5/2%
Jazz Bard skin


A bulk of the changes in TFT Patch 13.24 are in the champion department. The bogeyman of the last patch, Ziggs is being hit significantly to put him more check while a plethora of what were considered “unclickable” four-cost champions have been buffed to make rolling on Level 8 more enticing.


  • Shock and Awe Damage: 160/240/360 to 145/215/325


  • Max Mana buff: 0/60 to 0/40
  • Block the Haters AD ratio: 700% to 800%


  • Synthesizer Strike AD ratio: 275% to 290%


  • HP: 750 to 800
  • Pop Off AD ratio: 200/200/205% to 210/210/215%


  • (True Damage) AS: 0.85 to 0.9
  • (True Damage) Three Point Strike AD ratio: 250/250/500% to 275/275/550%


  • Champ Hunt AD ratio: 375/375/750% to 390/390/800%


  • AS: 0.8 to 0.85
  • Crash the Party small shots (1st and 2nd cast) AD ratio: 330/330/660% to 350/350/700%


  • Riff of the Ruined King Slam AD ratio: 150/150/300% to 200/200/400%


  • Shadow Dance shadow clone AD ratio: 175/175/350% to 185/185/370%


  • AS: 0.85 to 0.95
  • Fear the Reaper Damage: 380/575/4000 to 400/600/4000


  • Mana nerf: 30/70 to 30/75
  • Chaos Theory extra small bombs per cast: 2 to 1


  • 3-star now fires 2 projectiles per ability cast.
  • POP/STAR Damage: 275/410/1500% AP to 275/410/820% AP
  • POP/STAR empowered Damage: 480/720/2400% AP to 480/720/1440% AP


  • Superfan Item: Spear of Shojin to Jeweled Gauntlet