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TFT Meta Report: Set 10 is Here and Bard is Big

A look at the rising trends bi-weekly to help players stay ahead of the curve on their way to winning lobbies.

The first patch of the new Teamfight Tactics expansion is in full swing. With TFT Patch 13.23 having a full week to develop the meta, it is time to look at the data trend for what is doing well in the opening act for TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble. Using data from and analysis from Esports Illustrated’s TFT expert, ESI brings readers a look at some interesting developments outside of just compositions (although we do have that too.)

Here is the TFT Meta Report for Patch 13.23:

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Using’s data, here is a look at the best performers in these categories

  • Best Augment: Three’s a Crowd
  • Best Champion: Bard
  • Best Player: Setsuko

Augment Spotlight: Three’s a Crowd

Three's a Crowd augment

The cool thing about augments in TFT Set 10 is that they will definitely come and go with the meta regarding viability. In fact, the Augment Spotlight this week is for an augment that is performing the best it may ever perform again — Three’s a Crowd.

This Gold augment simply gives an extra 100 health to every champion on a player’s team for each unique three-cost champion a player has on the board and there is one comp in particular that just so happens to meet those requirements perfectly.

Country Samira plays five unique three-cost champions Vex, Amumu, Samira, Urgot and Sett which makes this augment read, “give the entire team 500 health” which is an absurd power boost. For reference, the prismatic augment Cybernetic Bulk 3 only gives champions 555 health and they have to be holding an item.

The Country Samria comp has skyrocketed the Three’s a Crowd average placement to a ridiculous 3.80 which is second among all augments. The crazier part is that when looking at the average placement based on when the augment is selected, picking it as the second augment has a near identical average placement than it being selected as the last augment making it a no-brainer pick at any point in the game as long as players are playing Country Samira.

Champion Focus: Bard

Bard champion metatft

While looking at the data on when it comes to champion average placement it's no surprise five-cost champions are all at the top since players can only field them in the late game. However, the champion that is sitting in on the thrown of non-five-cost champions isn't a four-cost carry, it's not a three-cost reroll menace either, it's the utility Jazz Dazzler, Bard.

Bard sits as the lone non-five-cost S-Tier champion according to and sports a dazzling 4.15 average placement. This is due to the Jazz trait’s dominance in Patch 13.23. The Jazz trait plays a massive role in three of the best comps in the game right now Jazz Miss Fortune, Big Shot Ezreal and Jazz Illaoi. And while Bard is not a super carry, his traits and his spell alone make him a fantastic choice to put on the board.

While his average placement with no items is actually higher than with items, if players wanted to play carry Bard, Adaptive Helm, Giant Slayer and Spear of Shojin are his best-in-slot items that currently have a 3.68 average placement.

Player on the Rise: Setsuko

Setsuko metatft leaderboard

With the latest patch of TFT Set 10 being the first patch, the player the most on the rise has to be the player currently sitting at number one on the global TFT leaderboard, Setsuko.

No stranger when it comes to being in the spotlight, Setsuko has already hit 600lp Challenger in just a week of playtime. Looking at his last 20 games, Setsuko has an absurd 50% win rate with an average placement below three.

As for playstyle, Setsuko over his past 20 games leans into the “Forcer” category as his comp of choice is the Jazz Illaoi comp. In fact, in 12 of his past 20 games, Setsuko has played some sort of variation revolving around the Jazz trait paired with a team of Dazzler carries such as Twisted Fate and Ziggs. On his profile, he even has the “Ziggs God” tag given to players with an exceptional average placement with a certain champion.