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Teamfight Tactics: Top 3 Comps in Remix Rumble

Set 10 brings a huge overhaul to competitive TFT, but we've got the best comps for Remix Rumble and how to build them to climb the ranked ladder
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It's a few days into the first patch of Teamfight Tactics’ 10th expansion, TFT: Remix Rumble and the meta has already stabilized. Although there are some outliers, the patch has been pretty balanced but even in the most balanced meta, there are bound to be some comps that are better than others. In Patch 13.23’s case, the best comps are two and three-cost rerolls.

When looking at MetaTFT’s data when it comes to the comps tab, players will see four statistics that they will want to keep in mind when determining if a comp is performing well or not. Those four categories are Average Placement, Pick Rate, Win Rate and Top 4 Rate. These categories are self-explanatory to an extent but context is important.

For example, if a comp has a high average placement but a low pick rate it can be assumed that there is not a large enough sample size to determine if the comp is actually good or not or even reasonable to play as the low pick rate could be due to things like needing a specific chosen, or all five cost champions.

When determining which comps are the best, it's important to find comps that have relatively high pick rates with high average placement. 4.5 is the average in average placement meaning anything under 4.5 on average nets players LP. With that in mind, this list will focus on the comps that have the best average placement-to-pick ratio to give players a look at the best comps to use in TFT Patch 13.23.

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TFT Patch 13.23’s best comps according to data provided by include:

Jazz Miss Fortune

Jazz Miss Fortune set 10 comp

Jazz Miss Fortune has been the best-performing comp so far in TFT Patch 13.23 and the numbers back it up. With the third-highest average placement of 4.32 while maintaining the highest pick rate in the entire game with an average of 1.33 players per game, this comp is being forced harder than any other comp and still providing results.

The comp is of course focused around the three-cost carry Miss Fortune who has shown to be a better carry in the mid and late game than almost every champion in the game despite costing way less to field. Her best-in-slot item combo of Deathblade, Rageblade and Last Whisper gives players enough damage to wipe enemy teams.

It wouldn't be fair to leave out the supporting cast. Since Miss Fortune is of the Jazz trait, players will want to be flexible with their other team members to maximize the value Jazz can provide to the comp overall. The best members according to MetaTFT to pair with MF are Kennen, Lilia and Neeko for Superfan, Ekko and Kai’Sa to fill in the Guardian, Big Shot, Spellweaver and K/DA traits and of course, Bard and Lucian to max out the Jazz trait.

The comp does rely on hitting Miss Fortune three-star which could be hard if contested. However, players can pivot into the “Big Shot Illaoi” comp in the super late game instead which actually has the highest average placement in the game at 3.58 but requires and end board of the Jazz champions and three five-cost champions with Illoai Jhin and Yorick.

Country Samira

Country Samira team comp Remix Rumble

With an almost identical average placement, Country Samira is the second-best comp in the game with a 4.33 average placement and a very high 0.74 pick rate which is the fourth highest in the game.

This comp relies on the carry duo of Samira and Urgot from the Country trait to do the heavy damage lifting while having a sturdy frontline which includes a buffed-up Hecarim since the Hecarim that spawns from Country scales with Country champion star level and this comp will have two three-star Country champions.

Samira is the primary carry hence the comp being called “Country Samira”. Her best-in-slot items include Infinity Edge, Last Whisper and Giantslayer which help her mow down enemy teams quickly and since she is an Executioner, the supporting cast includes the three-cost executioner Vex and her Emo partner in crime Amumu who provides some much-needed Crowd Control to buy time for Samira to clean up the board. Urgot, Thresh, Tahm Kench and Sett also do their best and buy time while Katarina is just there as a synergy bot, but make no mistake, Katarina can hold her own if she is invested in.

Crowd Diver Katarina

Crowd Diver Katarina team comp Remix Rumble

While this comp doesn't have near the pick rate as the two comps above it, the average placement, win rate and top four rate of the Crowd Diver Katarina comp cannot be ignored especially with a higher average placement as the two comps above it.

Crowd Diver Katarina has the second-highest average placement in the game of any comp with an above .25 pick rate only behind the Big Shot Illaoi comp, which is an extension of Jazz Miss Fortune. It also has the second-highest win rate, with an absurd 18.7%.

As a low-cost reroll comp, this comp relies on hitting a three-star Katarina early and supporting her with the rest of the Crowd Divers and Superfan frontline. When players hit this comp, it just tears down everything in its path. Katarina’s best-in-slot includes Jeweled Gauntlet and double Hand of Justice which keeps her healthy and her enemies on their death bed. The comp also has a couple of secondary carry options with Yone Zed and Qiyana if needed while Neeko is a fantastic tank champion as well.