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The new Teamfight Tactics expansion, TFT: Remix Rumble ushers in a new era of the king of the auto battler genre as it's the first set to follow Riot Games’ new three-sets-per-year cadence. With the time between sets now every four months instead of every six months, things have changed when it comes to design not only for the gameplay but the things you earn in the game.

Battle Passes are also different starting with TFT Set 10. TFT Set 10 will have two Battle Passes that will both last two months long. The Battle Passes themselves will be shorter but won't sacrifice the amount of loot it gives players. Essentially, the Battle Passes are giving players more value for time at the expense of being more time-critical. Here is a look at the changes and what players can get in the TFT Set 10 Battle Pass 1.

TFT Set 10 Battle Pass Content

  • 29 tiers of content + 3 bonus tiers
  • 10 tiers in the free track (19 bonus tiers in the paid version)
  • Free track gives players the Superfan Sprite Little Legend, Treasure Tokens, Star Shards and emotes
  • Paid Track gives free rewards plus bonus Treasure Tokens and Star Shards as well as Booms, Arenas, eggs and Little Legends
Remix Rumble Act 1 battle pass

In the first one Paid battle pass players will earn two exclusive arenas that can only be found in the Battle Pass.

  • K/DA Practice Room (Stage 2)
  • Neon Stage (Stage 29)

Players will also receive three brand new Little Legends as well just by going through the rewards track.

  • Emo Choncc (Stage 7)
  • 1-Star DJ Gloop (Stage 13)
  • Pentakill Ao Shin (Stage 23)

Players will also receive a Legendary Little Legend Egg at Stage 17. When it comes to the amount of Treasure Tokens players will earn, the free track will give players 200 Treasure Tokens while the paid track will give players 700 total Treasure Tokens which can be used to unlock special Mythic-tiered content like exclusive Arenas, Little Legends and Chibi Champions.

Teamfight Tactics set 10 logo

As for bonus Star Shards, Free players will earn a total of 100 Star Shards. Paid players will earn 500 total Star Shards.

Once players finish the standard rewards track for the TFT Set 10 Battle Pass, they will unlock three additional tiers which give players exclusive emotes featuring the new Little Legend, Scratch.

There are a couple of options when it comes to buying the Battle Pass 1 For TFT Set 10. Players can just by the Remix Rumble Pass+: Act 1 in the shop for 1295 RP or as a bundle that includes the “Get Caked” Boom, the Scratch Little Legend and 200 Star Shards for 6295 RP.

The pass will be on sale when TFT Set 10 launches on Tuesday, November 21. The pass will be active for approximately 60 days in which a new pass will come out to replace it to finish off the TFT Set 10 expansion.