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The best Hyperoll comps in Teamfight Tactics Set 10

A look at the best Hyperoll comps in TFT Set 10 using data from

Teamfight Tactics Set 10, TFT: Remix Rumble has been a blast to play but for fans who are on the go or don't have enough time to sit down and jam for 35 minutes might be missing out. However, thanks to the Hyperoll game mode, everyone can enjoy TFT and with the quick and fun mode, some comps might be better than you would think.

Looking at data from, here the best Hyperoll comps in TFT Set 10 as of the Patch 14.1 release.

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According to, the data says these are the best comps in TFT set 10 as of Patch 14.1

  • Disco TF
  • Spellweaver Annie/Ahri
  • Pentakill Karthus
  • Pentakill Olaf
  • Punk Jinx
Pentakill skin splash mordekaiser

Disco TF

While Hyperoll does open the door for more unorthodox comps to see meta play, its very common for the best comps in standard to transfer over and just be just as dominant or even more so in this game mode. And that is true to Disco Twisted Fate.

While the core is the same, the real reason why this comp is very strong in Hyperoll is thanks to being able to reroll for the very strong three-star one-cost champions Nami and Taric which act as the perfect support for Twisted Fate when players hit the late game.

Spellweaver Annie

The lone consistent reroll comp so far in TFT Set 10 is the second-best comp in Hyperoll which makes a lot of sense. With the game super accelerate which leans towards an aggressive reroll playstyle, three-star one-cost champions are even more powerful in this game mode. However, they do also fall off later in the game. Thankfully Annie’s secondary carry Ahri lets players have a dual threat in the late game.

Pentakill Karthus

Just like Disco Twisted Fate, Pentakill Karthus is seeing fantastic results in the standard game mode which has transferred well into Hyperoll.

This comp is focused around the early game pickup of the Superfan trait which naturally lends itself to go deep into the Pentakill trait thanks to Gnar. This is important as players will be hunting for Headliner Karthus which will give him an extra power boost while also letting players itemize their main tank, Mordekaiser. In hyperoll, Mordekaiser is even better because players will have a better chance at making him a three-star than in the standard mode.

There are also multiple secondary carries in this comp with Akali, Viego and Yorick all capable of doing damage in the late game.

Pentakill Olaf

A relatively unknown reroll comp is actually thriving in hyperoll. Pentakill as a vertical has many fantastic secondary carry champions but has always lacked that early game spike but with Olaf, it finally has one that can carry in the early game and with the accelerated late game, doesn't fall off as hard when trying to push for the late game stars like Karthus, Virgo or Yorick.

Unlike the Pentakill Karthus comp, the Olaf-centric version drops the Superfan package in favor of a way heavier Pentakill lineup.

Punk Jinx

It feels like the Punk trait was made for Hyperroll and its no surprise that Punk Jinx rounds out the top five best comps in this game mode. With players often rolling all of their gold every turn, Punk can spike hard in the early-to-mid game while also scaling well too. Jinx of course is the carry of choice with Pantheon acting as the comps super tank.