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How to play the Emo trait in TFT Set 10

An in-depth guide on what the Emo trait does and how to win with it.

The new Teamfight Tactics set, TFT: Remix Rumble is the game's 10th expansion and is the most ambitious yet. With every origin being music-themed, players will want to have a sound game plan when it comes to each specific trait.

In this guide, Esports Illustrated’s TFT expert takes players on a quick tour of what the Emo trait has to offer along with what the trait does, what each Emo Champion’s role is and some tips and tricks to make the Emo comp the strongest it can be. Here is an explainer on how to play the Emo trait in TFT Set 10.

What Does the Emo trait do?

It wouldn't be a music-themed set without Emo music right? The doom and gloom Emo trait is rather basic on the surface but is very powerful. All Emo Champions have reduced maximum mana and whenever an ally dies, Emo champions gain mana. This, of course, scales depending on how many Emo champions a player has in play.

The trait is a two/four/six piece vertical with six-piece giving Emo champions additional ability power on top of mana reduction and mana gain.

The key for this trait is getting allies to die in combat at key points to quickly ramp up the other Emo champions on the board since having an ally die gives Emo champions bonus mana gain.

But while the trait is playable with just the Emo champions, the real use of this trait will be to use an Emo emblem to make another champion a part of the Emo trait.

All Emo Champions and their roles

  • Annie (1g Emo/Spellweaver)
  • Vex (3g Emo/Executioner)
  • Amumu (3g Emo/Guardian)
  • Poppy (4g Emo/Mosher)

Like in every set, there will always be a couple of one-cost champions that turn out to be very strong reroll candidates as they can surprisingly do a lot of damage. In TFT Set 10, Annie is for sure going to one of those. With an ability that scales the more times it is cast in a fight and with a secondary trait that also gets more powerful the longer a fight goes, Annie will be a premier AP carry in TFT Set 10.

Vex is unique in that she is a backline Executioner but her ability is more utility than anything else. Her ability stuns enemies within a hex radius which is good at prolonging fights for a main carry to ramp but her Executioner trait is only useful when attached to a carry. The jury is out on Vex but to make the comp work, she is fine as a synergy bot.

Amumu is the primary tank in the Emo comp. As a three-cost frontliner, Amumu is strong in the early game and is decent in the late game, especially with the ability that gives him armor every time he's attacked and an active that does magic damage and stuns enemies on every third cast.

Now the carry of the comp would logically be a magic damage backliner but it is actually an attack damage frontliner. Poppy is a premier carry sitting in the four-cost pool that comes with the Mosher trait, which gives Poppy bonus attack speed and omnivamp based on missing health. As for Poppy’s ability, her passive gives her AD based on bonus health and her active gives her tank stats while hammering her nearest enemy three times doing physician damage and healing on each hit, if a hit kills an enemy, she swings two more times at the next enemy making her Set 10’s reset carry.

Best synergy champions

As explained above, the trait can be played internally but its best when using an Emo Emblem to give a different champion the maximum mana reduction and mana gain. Some of the best candidates are champions that have slightly expensive abilities or spammable ones.

Ahri, who is a four-cost Spellweaver is a near-perfect candidate as she pairs with Annie and can fit alongside her as a main carry if players want a non-reroll magic damage option. Sona is also a fine fit.

Karthus is also a good option as he pairs with Vex to activate the Executioner trait and also falls in magic damage dealers.

As for generically good champions that fit with the trait, players can look to Yorick who is a five-cost Mosher to pair with Poppy and there is Thresh who is a four-cost Guardian to pair with Amumu to give players a solid frontline.