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How to play the Heartsteel trait in TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble

Heartsteel joins the list of music-themed traits in TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble. Learn all about how to use this trait to climb the ranks in Teamfight Tactics

The new Teamfight Tactics set, TFT: Remix Rumble is the game's 10th expansion and is the most ambitious yet. With every origin being music-themed, players will want to have a sound game plan when it comes to each specific trait.

In this guide, Esports Illustrated’s TFT expert takes players on a quick tour of what the Heartsteel trait has to offer along with what the trait does, what each Heartsteel Champion’s role is and some tips and tricks to make the Heartsteel comp the strongest it can be. Here is an explainer on how to play the Heartsteel trait in TFT Set 10.

What Does the Heartsteel trait do?

Riot’s newest boy band is already in TFT not even a month after their official debut and if their debut single is any indication, their debut in TFT will be a banger. The Heartsteel trait is this Set’s econ trait meaning that while the trait doesn't give out any bonus stats, it gives out bonus loot but just like every econ trait in TFT, there is a catch.

Historically in TFT, econ traits have been high risk high reward as they forced players to lose rounds consecutively in order to get the good loot which meant that players had to play on the edge of losing the game or getting the big cashout and coasting to victory. Also, econ traits in the past really were only effective if players got the trait active at the beginning of the game as it was nearly useless to use in the middle to late game. That’s where Heartsteel is a little different.

While the same idea applies in that it's better to lose with Heartsteel to get bonus hearts, players will actually get hearts for every champion they kill on the enemy board making the trait not bad to play if a player has a strong opener. Also, the cashout isn't tied into a losstreak, players will instead collect hearts over the course of four rounds, and at the end of every four rounds, players get loot equal to the hearts they collected. Also, the hearts scale on stage level so the trait isn't useless when splashed in late.

Heartsteel reveal poster

This makes Heartsteel a more forgiving econ trait which makes it more fun for casual players to play which is a good thing seeing as all eyes are on the new popstars.

All Heartsteel Champions and their roles

  • K’Sante (1g Heartsteel/Sentinel)
  • Aphelios (2g Heartsteel/Rapidfire)
  • Sett (3g Heartsteel/Mosher/Bruiser)
  • Yone (3g Heartsteel/Crowd Diver/Edgelord)
  • Ezreal (4g Heartsteel/Big Shot)
  • Kayn (5g Heartsteel/Wildcard/Edgelord)

K’Sante isnt the most exciting Heartsteel but being an early-game frontline champion has its perks and is critical to getting the trait online early.

Aphelios is the typical two-cost early-game carry and has reroll potential. As an AD carry, Aphelios is a fantastic item holder for the more late-game carries in the Heartsteel trait.

Sett is the main tank champion in the Heartsteel trait and he has three traits tied to him. On top of being a Bruiser, Sett is also a Mosher and can be a quiet magic dealing tank that can snipe kills although it's best just to build him as a tank with tank items.

Yone is also a three-cost champion with three traits coming with the Edgelord trait which synergizes well with Kayn in the late game and he's also a Crowd Diver giving the comp some backline access in the mid-to-late game.

Ezreal is the comp's true traditional carry being a backline AD carry with an ability that allows him to reposition himself away from threats and also doing AoE damage in a line on every third cast to really grab some hearts.

And finally, there is Kayn. Players who played back in TFT Set 4: Fates might remember this version of Kayn as he carries the same ability in which he dashes and swings his scythe in a circle dealing magic damage to all enemies and if he only hits one, he does it again making him a dangerous threat in isolated circumstances.

Best synergy champions

While the comp can for sure be played vertically, players will want to pair the main champions in Heartsteel with other powerful champions to turn on their secondary traits.

For example, when players are using Ezreal who is a Big Shot champion, players should for a secondary Big Shot champion that can either be the main item holder like Jhin or a secondary carry like Miss Fortune.

Yone and Kayn are both Edgelords so adding in a third one like Riven to turn on the trait will make for a very strong trio of carry champions.

Of course, with Sett being a Bruiser and a Mosher there are plenty of options to turn those traits on with Poppy and Yorick in the Mosher department as well as Zac and Illaoi in the Bruiser department.