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Everything We Know about TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble

Riot Games’ most ambitious Teamfight Tactics set yet is about to take center stage as TFT: Remix Rumble has officially been revealed. With this set being the first to start a new trend of having three sets per year and no mid-set expansions, Everything that is coming out on release is all that players will need to learn for the next few months. However, there is a lot to cover.

Here is everything we know about TFT Set 10, TFT: Remix Rumble.

Music Theme Makes the Map Go Round

TFT: Remix Rumble brings together all the big bands across the League of Legends universe and a ton of music genre factions to create a player experience like no other. Especially because Riot has brought in a Sound Designer to revamp how the Background Music works in-game.

Every trait has its on backing track that plays when a champion from that trait is placed on the board. But when a new champion is placed on the board from a different trait, the backing tracks combine to create a unique sound. Players will definitely want to channel their inner DJ when playing the game.

All Traits in TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble

  • 8-bit
  • Country
  • Disco
  • EDM
  • Emo
  • Hyperpop
  • Jazz
  • K/DA
  • Maestro
  • Mixmaster
  • Pentakill
  • Punk
  • True Damage
  • Wildcard
  • Big Shot
  • Breakout
  • Bruiser
  • Crowd Diver
  • Dazzler
  • Edgelord
  • Executioner
  • Guardian
  • Mosher
  • Rapidfire
  • Sentinel
  • Spellweaver
  • Superfan

New system update and mechanics

The brand new system mechanic in TFT Set 10 is actually a revamped mechanic from back in TFT: Fates. Back in Set 4, players would pick “Chosen” champions in their shops that would automatically become two-star and gave plus one to one of their traits on top of having increased stats.

In TFT Set 10, “Headliners” function is almost identical to the Chosen mechanic with a few key tweaks. The first is that if a player doesn't have a Headliner champion, every single shop will have one until one is bought by a player. Once a player does have a Headliner champion, another cannot be bought as they are capped at one per player at a time. However, in every four shops, a grayed-out Headliner champion will appear giving the player an opportunity to sell their Headliner and pick up a new one.

Another key difference is that Headliner champions don't have increased stats but instead, have a unique Headliner bonus that is unique to themselves. For example, if a player has a Headliner Yorick, when he throws his Zombies he will throw an additional two Zombies.

TFT Set 10 also brings in some big system changes with the main one being the addition of a permanent Level 10. On top of that, champion shop odds and the number of champions in the pool have also been changed.

As for returning mechanics, Augments are back once again after making their debut in TFT: Gizmos and Gadgets. But a nice surprise was that the Portals introduced in TFT: Runeterra Reforged are also coming back in TFT Set 10 but in a more toned-down way. Instead of having Portals grant every player a Radiant item, these portals will do things like give players a Training Dummy at the start of the game.

New cosmetics

It wouldn't be a new set without a slew of new cosmetics which include new Arenas, Chibi Champions and Little Legends. Everyone’s favorite big boy, Choncc is getting a new variant and a new River Sprite as is tradition for every new Battle Pass. Speaking of, with TFT Sets moving away from mid-set expansions, TFT Set 10 will start a new trend of having two Battle Passes that will be two months long.

Key Art for Teamfight Tactics Remix Rumble

As for premium content outside of the Battle Pass, two new Chibi Champions will be making their way into TFT Set 10 with Chibi Sett and of course, Chibi Heartsteel Sett being the mythic version. Chibi Akali will also be making her debut along with Chibi K/DA Akali.

Speaking of K/DA, the premium Arena that players can pick up via, Treasure Realms is K/DA themed in which players go through the history of K/DA from their debut single, “Popstars” all the way through the introduction of Seraphine with “More”. K/DA champions make cameo appearances in the sides of the arena throughout the match.

New items

Also new in TFT Set 10 is the debut of two brand-new craftable items. Rapidfire Cannon which was made by combining two Bows has been replaced by Red Buff, an item that applies burn when the holder hits an enemy. This change is due to RFC not being an item that could be balanced since giving Melee champions extra range on a regular basis is something other than what is intended.

The other new item is replacing Night Harvester. Chainvest and Glove will now create a new tank item that will give players a defensive item option when left with a spare Glove.

Release date

TFT: Remix Rumble is set to hit the live servers on Tuesday, November 21st. For players that are fiending to try out the brand new set before then, TFT Set 10 will hit the Public Beta environment on Tuesday, November 7th for a two-week test which is used to make sure the game is balanced before the official launch at the end of the month.