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Teamfight Tactics is getting shaken up in Set Nine thanks to changes made in Patch 13.14. Game Designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer discussed what he sees changing based on what he’s seen on the PBE servers until the patch launched earlier today.

Mortdog explained in his Patch Rundown video that 13.14 had a lot of buffs that will be changing up the gameplay.

Mordog Talks Teamfight Tactics Meta Shakeup After Patch 13.14

First, Rogue champions and the Rogue trait had some big changes in 13.14. The Rogue buff improves the trait by increasing bleed damage to 40% at the breakpoint of four. Set Nine Rogue units also no longer cancel their dash if it’s triggered during a cast animation that disallows movement. Rogue champions are temporarily immune to crowd control while dashing.

Mortdog explained that multiple Set Nine champions with the Rogue trait were nerfed to keep the trait from being too OP. Virgo had his stab damage reduced, Zed had his AD reduced and three-star base spell damage nerfed, and Katarina had her spell damage reduced “slightly.”

Still, Rogue champions are looking like they’ll be making an impact in Set Nine.

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Another trait that’s seeing big changes is the Demacia trait. This was one of the least played traits in Patch 13.13. Now, the trait had its armor and magic resistance buffed at the breakpoints of five, seven, and nine.

Champions with the Demacia trait were also buffed. Galio had his mana and heal buffed to make him a lot tankier. Garen had his attack buffed to make up for a nerf in Patch 13.13. Then Lux had her spell damage buffed and her ability can no longer get interrupted by crowd control effects.

It now seems like Teamfight Tactics players will experience the Invokers meta. The Invoker trait was brought back for magic casters in Set Nine, a way to regenerate mana faster by giving its units a set amount of mana over short periods of time. Basically, units with abilities that have a low mana cost can reuse these abilities very quickly as you level up the Invoker trait.

Buffs to Galio and other champions has all but promised Teamfight Tactics players that you’ll see a lot of people utilizing these champions with the Invoker trait. Some are fearing that the game will feel a little spammy with so many people using low-cost spells over and over and over.

Still, the buffs and nerfs were overall welcomed by the community. Many commended Mortdog on listening to the community, being proactive, and making comp overall more enjoyable to play. Teamfight Tactics doesn’t always feel balanced but the most recent Patch 13.14 seems like it’s quite promising so far.