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With over 50 different champions and a couple dozen synergies, it might be hard for players to have a game plan when queuing up for a game of Teamfight Tactics Set 9.5. But whether a player's goal is to beat their friends or reach Challenger on the ranked ladder, this guide on how to play the Void trait will help players satisfy their ambitions.

Void has been the overall best trait in the game ever since the beginning of Set 9 and in Set 9.5, it's still as dangerous as ever. EI’s TFT expert walks through the win condition, early, mid and late game so players are prepared when they hit the convergence.


Void comp endgame TFT

The win condition of the Void synergy is pretty simple, players will want to pirotize carrying through Void’s two high-cost carry champions of Kai’Sa and Bel’Veth while using Fiora as a secondary carry option. These three champions are often bought a ton of time to ramp up in a fight thanks to the naturally tanky frontline the Void trait gives especially when considering Rift Herald.

But what separates Void from a top four and a first place is whether the composition can get a void emblem. Baron Nasher, which is given to players when they have 8 Void champions on the board, has and will usually always be a guaranteed top 2.

Early Game

Early game Void tft

In the early game, players will want to find the three-piece Void synergy as early as possible. If a player has Malzahar, Cho’Gath and either Vel’Koz or Rek’Sai, they should consider just playing Void for the rest of the game. At level three, the optimal start is having three void champions.

At Level four, players should try to include a champion that fills out the board. For example, if players have Malzahar, Vel’Koz and Cho’Gath on level three since they have two backline damage dealers, players should prioritize another bruiser champion like Renekton to have a good front and backline. If players have Rek’Sai over Vel’Koz, then another damage dealer like Oriana is a good fit.

At level five it's a good idea to start incorporating more Void champions like Kassadin, Rek’Sai or Vel’Koz.

Mid Game

Void level 6 tft

It is unlikely that a player will have six Void in on level six so it's best to keep the board as strong as possible. A good way of doing so is putting together a rather strong four Sorcerer board that includes Vel’Koz, Taric, Malzahar and Orianna. Players can use Orianna as the primary item holder since she can be sold later for Kai’Sa.

On Level seven, players can finally fit in the six Void synergies if they can find Kai’Sa. Kai’Sa can take Orianna’s spot. The other champion players will want to find is Shen who will fill out the frontline that players will take into the end game.

Late Game


At Level eight, the board really starts to spike. Fiora gets thrown in to give Kai’Sa and herself the Challenger synergy. Fiora can hold all the AD items while Kai’Sa of course gets the AP items. Tank items are usually thrown onto Cho’Gath. If players do find Bel’Veth on level eight, they can give Bel’Veth the AD items instead of Fiora. Bel’Veth can usually take Malzahar’s place in the comp, unless of course, a player has the void emblem.

In the case of a player having a void Emblem and all seven void champions, players should likely use Shen as the Void emblem holder as having more frontline to buy time for Baron to clean up is vital.

Assuming a player is healthy enough to go to Level 9, players can push to this level and throw in another frontline tank champion like Sion or a utility champion like Heimerdinger.