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TFT — Every Trait Theme in Remix Rumble, Ranked

With Teamfight Tactics’ most ambitious expansion now in full swing, it is time to settle the debate on what the best traits to play are but not from a meta perspective, but from what truly matters, how good their music is.

TFT Remix Rumble is all about the sound of the game and while these music-themed traits will get nerfed and buffed in and out of the metagame, their music tracks won't. Because of that, it's already well-known which traits will stay at the top of the good taste tier list and which “bangers” are at the bottom.

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TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble Music Tier List

S-Tier: Jazz, Disco

A-Tier: Pentakill, K/DA, Classic, Emo, Punk

B-Tier: DJ, EDM, True Damage, Heartsteel

C-Tier: Hyperpop, 8-Bit

D-Tier: Illbeats, Country


Jazz Bard skin

The Goats. Bard’s trumpet not only dumpsters every trait on the board but also every trait’s music tracks in my headphones. Both Jazz tracks are fantastic by themselves but once combined with some of the other traits like Disco or K/DA it brings out the best of everyone around them.


There is not a better track to start the game with than Disco, the funky groove gets players' heads bobbing and sets up immaculate vibes for the rest of the game. Honestly, Jazz and Disco are 1A and 1B but the one-man show of the Jazz trumpet takes the edge. But man, that second Disco track…


Olaf pentakill skin

Out of all the Riot music groups, Pentakill’s tracks in TFT Set 10 definitely take the theme cake. The hard metal guitar rifts and the double-kick drums definitely send the “you are playing Pentakill” message to the player. That and the gospel-like vocals in track one are amazing to hear at the end of a clutch-round win.


KDA popstars music video

K/DA truly kills it in the pop department with two banger tracks that low-key just sound like K/DA instrumentals (which might be what they literally did). Either way, both tracks are best standalone but mix well too.


Only active with Jhin on the board but dont get it twisted, Mozart went sicko mode. That Violin starts off like a lullaby but it quickly gets down to business. But while it's a fantastic mixer, there is another trait whose solo-instrument-solo is better across the board.


Emo amumu skin remix rumble

Emo is honestly the most underrated trait in the entire set when it comes to music. As one of the very few traits to use any sort of vocals in its tracks, Emo uses the haunting hymns to its advantage. Emo would be higher if its track two didn't sound similar to Punk’s and Pentakills’.


Punk plays it very safe on both of their tracks. They sound just like a Punk-Rock song which isnt a bad thing but its nothing special. Although even at a baseline level, Punk is still really really good.


The definition of mid of course had to be the literal DJ. Nothing special but its decent. All im saying is that if I wanted to DJ Sona to mix my playlists id put the trait higher. While the tracks are cool, they dont got nothing on some of the other traits.


You would expect the literal dance music trait to provide the most head-banging tracks but they kinda just whiffed overall. Even as a big EDM guy, the tracks sound more dubstep than EDM. High energy though which is good to get in the zone with.

True Damage

True Damage is the tale of two tracks. The first one is a banger something I always want to hear on my board. However, the second track is forgetful. So much so that I had to listen to it 10 times writing this article to remember what it sounded like.


Heartsteel sett trailer reveal

Riot Games latest music group actually places the lowest on the TFT Set 10 music tier list among the rest of Riot’s projects but it's only because Heartsteel feels like its genre is just done better by some of the other traits.


A lot of people like Hyperpop and this placement is not very kind to the Hyperpoppers but I doubt the Hyperpop fans have actually listened to both tracks solo before. Sure, they are good mixers but if a trait doesn't have the full package, they aren't going to be ranked very high on this list. The track by itself sounds like a mid-2000s ringtone.


8-Bit of course gives off retro game vibes and for retro game fans who grew up playing the SNES, good for them. However, both tracks are below average in the vibe department but it's not terrible, there are simply better traits.


While the beats slap hard on both Illbeats tracks, the drone-like sirens that can be heard for a decent part of each track kill any chance for Illbeats to place highly on this list. Sorry, Illaoi fans.


Country Samira team comp Remix Rumble

Even though Country is at the very bottom of this list it's honestly not bad but when looking at what the other tracks bring either as a solo bop or a good mixer, Country is near the bottom in both categories.