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TFT Meta Report: Patch 14.1 — Twitch to the Top

A look at the rising trends bi-weekly to help players stay ahead of the curve on their way to winning lobbies.

While Patch 13.24 stuck around for an entire month over the holidays, Patch 14.1 brought some much-needed massive changes to the Teamfight Tactics metagame. With so many changes to the game, new comps, champions augments and more have pushed their way to the top.

But even with so many changes to the game, some things just stay the same. However, with the help of and their data, knowing which champions, augments and players to study has never been easier especially when there is a breakdown giving players the info in one convenient place.

Here is the TFT Meta Report for Patch 14.1.

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Using’s data, here is a look at the best performers in these categories for Patch 13.24

Augment Spotlight: Twin Terror

Two of the top three best augments in the game as of Patch 14.1 are just two different tiers of the same augment. Twin Terror 1 and Twin Terror 2 have been terrorizing lobbies for a little while now as it is the sole enabler of the best comp of Patch 14.1 which is also just named Twin Terror.

The augment might also be known as Double Trouble which has been around for a couple of sets. The augment reads pretty simple, if players have two copies of the same champion on the board, both copies gain increased health, attack speed and crit chance as well as a bonus of receiving a two-star version of any champion a player three-stars so that they can always field two copies of any champion.

It took a little while to find the best combination of champions to make this augment work but with the quartet of Amumu, Vex, Pantheon and Twitch, Twin Terror could be here to stay. As of right now, the Prismatic version of Twin Terror is sporting a 3.88 average placement with the Gold version coming in at 3.93. The augment scales well late but players will want to pick this up as their first augment so they can commit to the reroll comp early.

Champion Focus: Twitch

twitch in remix rumble

For the first time all set another two-cost champion not named Bard has made it into the S-Tier rank on The S-Tier rank is reserved for champions that have an average placement of 4.20 or better. This time around that champion is Twitch, the main AD carry in the Twin Terror compesition.

Not only is Twitch in S-Tier, but he is in the tier comfortably currently sporting an absurd 3.99 average placement in Diamond+ lobbies. That placement is thanks to the sheer power the champion has with the Twin Terror augment.

As for items that players want to build on Twitch, MetaTFT recommends players take Infinity Edge, Giant Slayer and Red Buff. This build shoots Twitch’s average placement up to a 3.52 which will net LP gains all day long.

Player on the Rise: Wasianiverson

We swear it's not a typo but the player on the rise once again is Wasianiverson. When we last looked at the high-challenger’s LP they were sitting at around 1400 but in the past week, they have climbed another 560+ LP to put them in the 1800’s in under 50 games. With an absurd average placement of 2.89, Wasianiverson has claimed the Rank 1 title in North America in Patch 14.1 and by a decent margin. There is currently an almost 100 LP gap between the first-place Wasianiverson and the second-place Dishsoap.

Just looking at their past 20 games, Wasianiverson has a 40% lobby win rate but the most impressive thing about his recent run is that in all eight of those lobby wins, Wasianiverson won with eight different compositions. From Twin Terror to K/DA to Crowd Diver Yone, Wasianiverson has shown that they are a master of flex play and is more than deserving of the Rank 1 title holder for now.