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Top 10 Little Legends in Teamfight Tactics

A look at which funny little guys players should be prioritizing when they queue up TFT Remix Rumble

While the Teamfight Tactics player base can argue which comps and champions are the best, the numbers provided by can objectively tell us the answer to those questions. But the main argument that numbers can tell us is which Little Legend is the best in TFT.

The game has come a long way as there are now over 50 unique Little Legends in TFT some with many different variants that are super popular and some with just a couple but have cult followings. This list filters through all of them and puts together the Top 10 TFT Little Legends so players know which ones to look for when they open eggs or chests.

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Dango little legend

The Little Legend goat. Dango is just the cutest round ball on the planet and on the convergence. And don't get me started with his Sugar Crash Dango skin which turns Dango into an evil mastermind but one that can do no wrong since well… it's Dango. Dango is the perfect Little Legend, it's cute, it rolls around, every variant is unique and Dango also makes you a better TFT player as well.


Qiqi little legend

Qiqi, who came out with the True Damage-inspired Little Legend run has been a staple top-tier Little Legend since its release, but its second wave of skins that came out as part of the TFT GIzmos and Gadgets expansion pushed QiQi into the upper echelon, especially with its Hextech variant that puts the hat on the cat.


Furyhorn little legend

Of all the OG Little Legends released in series one, Furyhorn stands at the top as the best. The reason is that Furyhorn takes the “angry little guy” thing and runs with it making him top-tier in the cute department. And on top of that, every single Furyhorn variant excels in the cute department and that says something since Furyhorn has a lot.


Featherknight little legend

Unlike Choncc, Featherknight being overrated is justified as Pengu is literally the face of TFT. And although Pengu has had some questionable variants like the K/DA ones, Pengu is loved by everyone including myself which makes him a for sure Top 5 Little Legend now and forever.


River sprite little legend

Another day, another victory for the OG’s, the default Little Legend is iconic, especially in its base form that puts opponents on edge as the only people who play with the base River Sprite are people that are brand new, or Challenger players so there's a 50/50 shot that the default Little Legend will wreck your game. But even past that, the new Sprite that comes out with each battle pass is always a banger variant.


Bellswayer little legend

It’s the holiday season and what kind of TFT Little Legend list would be complete without the reindeer tactician, Bellswayer? One of the most underrated Little Legends out there, Bellswayer brings that sass that some of the other Little Legends severely lack especially when players are stomping the lobby.


Hushtail little legend

This Little Legend is legit just Eevee from Pokemon but with three tails. Hushtail is extremely cute which gets bonus points on this list and all of its variants are great with the Kanmei and Akana ones stealing the show in TFT Fates.


Squink little legend

The most out-there Little Legend on this list, Squink earns its place for being a cute Octopus creature with some of the funniest variants. Kernel Squink is just corn in the shape of an octopus. But the real reason why Squink is on this list is its spammable taunt gets the whole lobby tilted.


Whisker little legend

Whisker makes this list for being one of the best cool-but-cute Little Legends but in a creepy way. Whisker is essentially Mimikyu from Pokemon — it looks…off but is still cute. Whisker is also legitimately the main villain in TFT Monsters Attack. Can any other Little Legend (besides Pengu) say they were a villain of a TFT expansion?


Choncc little legend

Look, Choncc is on this list simply due to his popularity. While Choncc does fill a unique niche of being a “big funny little guy”, that doesn't mean that Choncc isn't incredibly overrated. Sorry Choncc fans, there are just better Little Legends.