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  • 100 vs LEV VALORANT match ends with a stunning 3k clutch from bang.
  • 100 Thieves IGL Stellar believes the match against LEV was their best match in “a month”
  • Stellar on the crowd during LEV vs 100 VALORANT match.

The VALORANT Americas League was stunned and in awe by the three-game thriller between Leviatán and 100 Thieves during super week.

Both teams battled back and forth throughout the entire series until it all ended through 100 Thieves’ Sean “bang” Bezerra’s highlight 3k clutch on Lotus to pull out the upset.

For 100 Thieves’ IGL Brenden “Stellar” McGrath, it was complete disbelief.

“In my mind, I was already prepping for overtime in my mind once Bang was the only one left,” Stellar said.

He remembered what was going through his mind during the entire play. It wasn’t until Bang had scored the first two kills that everything felt possible. Once it was all said and done, 100 Thieves had secured their third win of the VCT Americas League.

100 Thieves play their best match in “a month”

VCT 2023 americas 100 Thieves opening Weekend

100 Thieves during VCT Americas League opening weekend.

This win stood above others for Stellar. While he noted some “mistakes” on their end, he felt insurmountable relief and pride when the win was theirs.

“Honestly, this was the best match we have played in a month, so it’s a big relief,” Stellar said following the 100 vs LEV VALORANT match. “The entire team knows we can reach a certain level of play, but we weren’t doing that in other games, but this performance felt really solid.”

Every map during the 100 vs LEV VALORANT match was a full-distance battle. Map one on Icebox saw 100 Thieves and Leviatán go into overtime. That was followed by two consecutive 13-11 wins from 100 Thieves. This was something that Stellar admitted when speaking about his happiness regarding the team’s performances. While he mentioned that “all the maps were close,” he viewed this series highly because of the confidence boost it provides.

“This was definitely a big win for us,” Stellar said. “All the maps were close. We could have been better in some instances and we got lucky at times. But this was a really big win for our own confidence and mental attitude going forward.”

100 vs LEV VALORANT match crowd

100 Thieves fans VCT 2023: Americas League

100 Thieves fans during VCT Americas League.

One of the most notable aspects of the 100 vs LEV VALORANT match was the crowd. Stellar remembered being able to lightly feel the vibrations of the cheers and the jolt of energy that rushed through his body during these moments. That feeling made the 100 vs LEV VALORANT match very special to him.

“It’s probably one of the coolest things that can happen when playing games,” Stellar said. “It’s why I think a lot of us play. We play for moments where the crowd is massive and gets behind you.”

A supportive home crowd can make a major difference in confidence. However, that crowd support can sometimes go too far. One of the major controversies from the 100 vs LEV VALORANT match was crowd members shouting “callouts” of locations on the map.

Stellar was only made aware of this following his postgame celebrations and checking “online.”

“I was reading online that people were saying that we are cheating with the crowd but weren’t at all,” Stellar stated. “All I’m hearing is the pop-off after round wins, which are loud and really appreciated.”

Moving forward with 100 Thieves

With this victory, Stellar and 100 Thieves are now 3-2 in the VCT Americas League. With four matches left, 100 Thieves will be looking to make their push for a spot in the VCT Americas League playoffs. For Stellar, much of the focus will be placed on his calling.

“I’m still refining my calling for the most part,” Stellar said. “I’m confident in my personal ability, but I want to make sure everybody is in tune so we can pull out more wins like that.”

100 Thieves will take on NRG Esports on April 29 at 12pm PT to kick off week 5 of the VCT Americas League.