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  • 100T vs Furia VALORANT match ends with 100T winning in a 13-11 finish.
  • 100T Bang shares his thoughts on the match against Furia.
  • 100 Thieves look to end VCT Americas League campaign 5-4 with their final game against MIBR.
  • How to watch VCT Americas League?

“An emotional rollercoaster.”

That was the only way 100 Thieves VALORANT player Sean “bang” Bezerra could describe the team’s exciting 13-11 finish to the 100T vs Furia VALORANT match.

In truth, there was a lot at stake for 100 Thieves to win this game and maintain their position in a tight VCT Americas League playoff race. Going into this series, 100 Thieves stood at a 3-4 record. A loss would put them at five losses and nearly knock away their chances at the VCT Americas League playoffs. Meanwhile, a win would put them in a prime spot to secure their spot in the playoffs.

Truthfully, nerves were high all throughout 100 Thieves’ entire three-game thriller against Furia because of all the stakes on the team.

“It was so nerve-wracking. They played so well. I don’t think the last map should have been as close as it was. It was an emotional rollercoaster.”

In the end, 100 Thieves got a much-needed victory to place themselves in a prime position going into their final week of the VCT Americas League.

100T bang’s thoughts on MIBR match

100 Thieves bang VCT Americas League

100 Thieves' bang during VCT Americas League.

100 Thieves has a chance to end their VCT Americas League regular season 5-4 and secure their spot in the VCT Americas League playoffs. Their final game will be against MIBR, who is currently in a battle to make the VCT Americas League postseason. While MIBR has taken a tumble in the past few weeks, 100T bang has his sights set on preparing to the best of his abilities for that final series.

“We’re going to do a lot of prep against MIBR, and we’re going to make sure we watch all the VODS,” Bang said in the post-match interview. “It’s just going to be a good match. They are talented players, so it’s not going to be an easy one for sure.”

The match between MIBR and 100 Thieves will take place on May 20 at 12pm PT to close out the VCT Americas League regular season.

​​You can watch the live streams through the VALORANT Americas Twitch and YouTube channels.