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  • Why is the duelist role perfect for beginner VALORANT players?
  • Why Raze is a great option for beginners?
  • Why you should pick up Reyna when learning VALORANT?
  • Why Phoenix’s kit is easy to learn as a beginner VALORANT player?
  • How can you practice your aim on VALORANT?

The duelist role is perfect for any beginner coming into VALORANT because it is a role that allows you to place sole focus on your aim. Instead of having to rely on learning a lot of strategy or how to support your teammates, you are mostly supporting yourself.

These are the duelists that are perfect if you are just picking up VALORANT for the first time.


Raze splash art in Valorant

Raze is a solid option for new VALORANT players because she has a simple kit that beginners won’t take too long to get used to.

Her signature ability, Paint Shells, is her primary grenade utility that starts with an initial explosion that is followed by minor explosions in an area of effect. Meanwhile, her Blast Pack ability allows her to propel in any direction while her Ultimate ability Showstopper launches a rocket that deals massive damage to anyone in its radius.

While her learning curve can be quite difficult when it comes to actual movement mastery, Raze is an agent that will provide a lot of quick upside for the beginner player.


Reyna splash art in Valorant

Reyna is the most-picked Agent in VALORANT because her kit is one that many players can easily pick up. She is an Agent that gets better and benefits from the kills they receive each round which truly rewards offensive-minded players.

Her abilities Devour and Dismiss allow Reyna to steal health from enemies that she kills or makes herself invulnerable, depending on your choice. This allows Reyna to stay alive much longer during important fights or clutch situations.

Leer suspends an eye in mid-air that impairs the enemy vision of those looking at it while simultaneously not affecting any of her teammates. It is a perfect ability that allows Reyna to blind enemies without receiving any flame from teammates for possibly blinding them.

Reyna’s self-sustainability combined with her rewarding playstyle for aggressive players makes her a great beginner duelist to pick up so that you can learn VALORANT.


Phoenix character art in Valorant

Phoenix is an agent whose theme is entirely centered around fire. For those that have played other FPS titles like CS:GO and CS2, Phoenix’s abilities provide similar effects. His ability Hot Hands functions similarly to a Molotov in CS:GO where anyone who steps in the puddle of fire will be burnt and lose health. For Phoenix, stepping in this puddle will heal them.

Blaze creates a wall of fire that blocks vision and damages anyone that walks through the firewall. Once again, this ability only heals Phoenix if he steps foot into the wall of fire.

His Cureveball ability can go either left or right and function as flashbangs that blind anybody within its eye of sight. Just be careful using this around teammates as everyone is vulnerable to the blinds of this ability.

Finally, Phoenix’s ultimate Run It Back is the anchor of what makes this agent super fun to play as a duelist. Essentially, the Run It Back ability is a second lifeline that allows people to aggressively rush into sights without any punishment as long as the timer is up.

Overall, his abilities are very straightforward so this makes him the perfect beginner Duelist to pick up and learn VALORANT with.

When Will Team Deathmatch Release?

Now that you have a list of three beginner duelists to pick up, it’s time to practice your aim and crosshair placements. Beginner VALORANT players should be on the lookout for VALORANT Episode 7 Act 1which will begin on June 27, 2023. There, you will check out our guide on Team Deathmatch, the newest game mode to enter VALORANT as you continue to hone your in-game craft.

Additionally, players' quest for Kingdom Credits and new updates to the in-game progression system can be accessed.

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