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  • C9 vs Furia VALORANT Americas League match a battle for second place in the VCT Americas League.
  • Who was the MVP of the C9 vs Furia VALORANT match?
  • Who do C9 and Furia play next week in VALORANT Americas League?

Heading into the C9 vs Furia matchup, both teams were fighting for an opportunity to grab hold of sole possession of second place. Not many VALORANT viewers would have initially picked these two teams to be fighting for a top spot in the VCT Americas League. Yet, the end of week four has seen both of the teams develop into the league’s upper echelon of teams. So going into the C9 vs Furia VALORANT match, many were excited to see who would come out on top.

Who was the MVP of the C9 vs Furia VALORANT match?

Cloud9 VCT 2023 Americas League

Cloud9 VALORANT team in 2023.

However, this match proved to be a one-sided affair as Cloud9 came out on top of the series 2-0 following a strong performance from the duo of Nathan “leaf” Orf and Jake “jakee” Anderson.

That being said, Cloud9’s star duelist leaf was once again the MVP of the C9 vs Furia VALORANT match as his play on Jett and Skye was instrumental in the team’s 2-0 sweep. In the C9 vs Furia match, leaf posted a collective 1.26 Rating with 40 kills across two games.

At this point, Cloud9 is just a top team in the VCT Americas League. The team has taken down the likes of NRG and 100 Thieves as Furia is now added to that hitlist. They now find themselves at 4-1 in the VCT Americas League in a prime position to qualify for the VCT Americas League playoffs.

After a resounding 2-0 VCT Americas League super week, Cloud9 will now look towards Sentinels as the North American darkhorse eyes their fifth win of the season.

As for Furia Esports, this week has been a rocky rollercoaster. While they end the VCT Americas League 1-1, both their series’ against Evil Geniuses and Cloud9 today were steps below what we have become used to seeing from them. Furia will look to climb back up the standings next week against MIBR on April 29 at 3pm PT.

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