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  • EG vs LEV VALORANT match going into week five of VCT Americas League.
  • EG mounts a comeback against LEV on Split to go 1-0 up in VCT Americas League series.
  • LEV takes the second map on Pearl 13-10 over Evil Geniuses to force the third map on
  • How to watch VCT Americas League live?

Evil Geniuses has secured their second win of the VCT Americas League to bolster their record to 2-4 following their upset over Leviatán.

Heading into this series, everyone expected this to be the fourth win of the VCT Americas regular season for Leviatán. They had been seen as one of the strongest contenders to represent the VCT Americas League.

While Evil Geniuses have progressively improved throughout the VCT Americas League, only a few would have predicted them to piece together a series win over Leviatán.

EG vs LEV VALORANT match end with EG's upset victory

However, the EG vs LEV VALORANT match proved that the VCT Americas League is genuinely unpredictable, as Evil Geniuses dealt the first blow on Split.

EG’s secondary duelist Alexander “jawgemo” Mor was the team’s star on Split, as his 283 ACS and 21 kills in map one were vital in the team’s 9-4 second half.

Map two on Pearl saw Leviatán bounce back through the team’s in-game leader Francisco “kiNgg” Aravena’s strong Viper play. On Pearl, kiNgg posted a 1.28 Rating with 19 kills, leading the team to a final deciding map on Ascent.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to pull off a reverse sweep as Evil Geniuses put the final touches on a 2-1 victory in the EG vs LEV VALORANT match.

EG and Leviatán moving forward in VCT Americas League

This was the upset Evil Geniuses needed to keep their hopes of making the VCT Americas League postseason alive. They now go into week six of the VCT Americas League with a 2-4 record and within striking distance of a playoff spot. EG will look to grab their third win against

Meanwhile, this loss for Leviatán puts the team at 3-3 in the VCT Americas League. While they remain in the VCT Americas playoff picture, teams like Sentinels, MIBR, and Evil Geniuses are within striking distance of that spot in the postseason. With only three games left in their VCT Americas League campaign, Leviatán will look to rekindle their winning ways as they take on KRU Esports next week.

How to watch VCT Americas League live?

Those looking to keep up with the VCT Americas League live can check out games weekly on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday through the VALORANT Americas Twitch and YouTube channels.

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