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VALORANT’s Episode 8: Release Date, Cosmetics, New Agent

Act 1 of VALORANT’s Episode 8 is fast approaching as the new year begins. Let’s explore what players can expect from this new era of VALORANT.
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VALORANT’s Episode 7 brought us beloved agents Deadlock and Gekko, an exciting new Team Deathmatch mode and international incorporation of China into the VALORANT universe. Recent leaks of Episode 8, Act 1’s suspected in-game contents have shown that players can expect equally as many fun surprises in 2024. From a mysterious agent to a brand-new gun, there is plenty to unpack in this upcoming update. Here’s a walk through these exciting changes and a recap of everything we currently know about VALORANT’s Episode 8.

When will VALORANT Episode 8 be released?

VALORANT will usher in Episode 8 on January 10th, 2024 at 7 P.M. ET. The episode will begin with Act 1 and progress through multiple acts, each spanning several months. Act 2 will likely premiere this March and will bring additional changes, including an entirely new agent.

Who is the new agent arriving in VALORANT Episode 8?

Recently leaked information has led to speculation about a new VALORANT agent set to join the game’s ranks in Episode 8. The agent is confirmed to be a Controller, and their codename is ‘SmokeDancer.’ A leaked player card image with a pink and purple color scheme and butterfly motifs accompanied news of this agent’s arrival. Gekko and Skye might not be the only agents with companion critters! Rumor has it this agent will arrive in March, during Episode 8, Act 2.

What items will be in the VALORANT Episode 8 Act 1 battle pass?

Some of VALORANT’s Episode 8 Act 1 battle pass contents have surfaced online. The battle pass contains at least thirteen player cards and twelve sprays. Two of these sprays are animated: one of Killjoy staring at a computer vomiting a rainbow and another of Sage eating from a hot pot. The battle pass will include three skin lines: the Tactiplay, Guardrail and Fiber Optic sets. 

The Tactiplay set is bright and cheerful, with purple and green colors and decals of VALORANT’s cuddly animal mascots: Dan the Penguin, Tactibear, Rubber Ducky and Trevor the Sloth. The Guardrail set is black and gold with a polished, formal appearance. Finally, the Fiber Optic set is black with colorful geometric designs in four color variants: blue, silver, gold and green. This act’s knife, from the Guardrail set, will be a black and gold hammer-like weapon.

The Fiber Optic skin set includes:

  • Classic
  • Marshal
  • Spectre
  • Ghost

The Tactiplay skin set includes:

  • Phantom
  • Bulldog
  • Odin
  • Stinger

The Guardrail skin set includes:

  • Vandal
  • Frenzy
  • Shorty
  • Ghost
  • Melee knife

What else do we know about VALORANT Episode 8?

Episode 8 will bring with it VALORANT’s newest gun: the Outlaw. The Outlaw is a sniper rifle costing 2,400 credits. It fires two bullets at a time and deals 140 damage to the body. The rifle deals 234 damage during a headshot. For leg shots, it administers a hefty 119 damage. The Outlaw’s fire rate is 2.75, and its mag size is 10.

Icebox map Valorant

Riot Games will also alter Sunset to fix errors and balance the map. In addition, the VALORANT developers will be adjusting some Team Deathmatch maps, including the new addition District. Icebox will soon rejoin the map pool, while Riot Games will eliminate Haven from the rotation. This news will excite Icebox’s many dedicated fans, who eagerly awaited the day the map returned to VALORANT. Players can also assume that, as in previous Episode updates, several agents and guns will receive reworks.

VALORANT is entering an unprecedented era. With two new agents in the last year, expanding international esports presence and a renewed interest in competitive play thanks to Premier, the game has grown to an entirely different scale from its humble beta origins in 2023 while retaining the gameplay qualities we know and love. Episode 8 Act 1 will usher players into a VALORANT world that is more intense – and enjoyable – than ever before, and we are excited for what the Riot Games tea has in store for the future.