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How to Play in VALORANT Premier

Want to taste the glory of high-level competition alongside a few friends? VALORANT Premier has everything you're looking for. Find out how to participate and how the Premier system works

VALORANT naturally attracts competitive players with a thirst for victory. If the Competitive scene is no longer cutting it, consider forming a Premier team with a couple of friends and taking the VALORANT stage by storm. Let’s examine how to properly create a Premier team and participate in the Premier competition.

What Is VALORANT Premier?

Premier teams exist in five different divisions. They are Contender, Elite, Advanced, Intermediate and Open, from highest to lowest. Division seeding uses the MMR of the top 5 players within a team. Within these divisions, teams play weekly matches between 7 and 9 P.M. in their zone’s time. Teams can pick and ban maps within the tournament structure.

Teams who win their weekly matches will receive 100 points, and losing teams receive 25. As teams receive points, they will progress in the Premier standings. The Premier season generally lasts as long as an act. Players can find all Premier information, including career history and roster information, within the Premier tab on the VALORANT interface.

Premier banner in Valorant

How to Set Up Your Roster for VALORANT Premier

Before anything else, players will have to verify their accounts using SMS. A phone number verification ensures that your team is legitimate and competing fairly. Your account must also be ‘in good standing’ and have received no punishments within the last 30 days. Players can only join one Premier team.

After verifying a phone number, you can create or join a roster. As a Team Owner, you can invite players to join your team through the Premier tab in VALORANT, located directly under the Home tab. A Team Owner is also responsible for managing the team’s profile and choosing a competitive zone.

A team must have at least five players but less than seven. Premier teams are not rank-restricted – players of any rank can play together. Remember, you must enroll before the enrollment period has ended to play!

How Do You Win in VALORANT Premier?

First and foremost, make sure to set a schedule for your Premier players. Everyone on the team must attend the set matches, or your team will be disadvantaged and unable to queue. It is also beneficial to regularly practice to ensure team coordination and mechanics are ship-shape.

It is wise to make a full roster with seven players on a Premier team. In this case, there is some flexibility for players to fill in if others are ill or unable to attend a match. Remember, a Team Owner does not need to be present for a team to queue.

The most crucial component of any Premier team is teamwork. The Premier environment will allow you to thrive if you are comfortable with your teammates and highly competitive. As the concept progresses, we excitedly await the next team of Premier victors – it could be you!