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  • KRÜ vs LOUD VALORANT match was a battle between David and Goliath in the VCT Americas League.
  • How lackluster has KRÜ been? How good has LOUD been?
  • How close was KRÜ to beating LOUD?
  • Who do LOUD play next?

KRÜ vs LOUD VALORANT match ends with LOUD narrowly grabbing their sixth win of the VCT Americas League season following a close series against KRÜ.

Nobody expected to be hit with the result seen today in the KRÜ vs LOUD VALORANT match. All expectations were set on LOUD to dismantle KRÜ in today’s series between both teams. LOUD was undefeated in the VCT Americas League as they stood above every other team. Meanwhile, KRÜ looked underwhelming in the VCT Americas League as they searched for their first win.

How close was KRÜ to beating LOUD?

The KRÜ vs LOUD VALORANT match saw KRÜ push LOUD to the edge as they stood on the precipice of the VCT Americas League’s biggest upset.

On map two on Ascent, KRÜ found themselves up 11-7 over LOUD at one point because of solid team play on their part. Unfortunately, LOUD eventually closed out map two with a 13-11 scoreline as both teams went into map three on Ascent.

While KRÜ were able to battle with LOUD closely on Split and bring the final map score to 10-11, LOUD eventually put the closing touches on their sixth win due to a strong performance on Jett from duelist Erick “aspas” Santos.

Who do KRÜ and LOUD play next in VCT Americas League.

While it wasn’t pretty, LOUD has maintained their undefeated streak in the VCT Americas League as they improve to 6-0 and guarantee their spot in playoffs.

This isn’t the first scare the team has had. Last week, LOUD was inches away from an 0-2 sweep from Evil Geniuses before they ended on a strong 13-0 performance to close out the series 2-1. LOUD will now look to go 9-0 as the VCT Americas League regular season ends.

As for KRU, this was their best performance in the VCT Americas League. Unfortunately, today’s loss puts their VCT Americas League at 0-6 as their chances at making playoffs have dwindled. Regardless, KRÜ will look to make a miracle run to end their VCT Americas League season. Their attempt at a run will begin against Leviatán next week on May 7 at 3pm PT.