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VALORANT Mobile Beta Gets Possible Release Date Leak

We might be closer to playing the VALORANT Mobile beta than we thought.

Recent leaks have pointed to a new release date for the VALORANT Mobile beta. The mobile version of the colorful and competitive shooter has been highly anticipated but it’s been difficult to get more information on the game’s release.

Most recently, a beta was released for China exclusively in August of 2023. Unfortunately, no release date was shared for an international VALORANT Mobile beta since then. Until now.

When Will We Get a VALORANT Mobile Beta?

VALORANT leakers have taken to social media to reveal a possible date for the VALORANT Mobile beta. It now looks like it may be January 2024 or a bit later in the first quarter, according to trusted sources.

This was previously speculated by the VALORANT Mobile community, who felt it would be October, December, or January 2024. Without a VALORANT Mobile beta announcement from Riot Games, it looks like January will be the soonest possibility.

January 2024 is not officially confirmed by Riot itself, however. For now, we still don’t know exactly when we are getting a VALORANT Mobile beta but it seems like this is a likely possibility.


The response has been largely positive. Gamers are hopeful that January is the true release date but there are some questions.

Will VALORANT Mobile Have Cross-Play With PC?

Riot hasn’t discussed this officially but more than likely they will not have crossplay compatibility. Why? VALORANT Mobile is essentially a separate game than the PC version. There are different mechanics and the controls are different.

Valorant mobile leaked MVP screen

VALORANT Mobile players will have very different aim controls than PC. It will be much trickier to aim on Mobile thanks to the camera angles and using a touchscreen interface — although you can invest in a mobile controller. PC players will have a clear advantage due to this and overall performance since mobile technology is behind when it comes to gaming.

Will There Be Tournaments For VALORANT Mobile?

There will more than likely be official Riot-organized tournaments and organized play for VALORANT Mobile. The mobile esports scene has continued to grow in popularity and it’s the perfect time for VALORANT Mobile to get in on the action.

Some players have wondered if the tournaments will be for VALORANT Mobile players only, excluding other platforms. This will more than likely be the case since VALORANT on the PC will have its own season, the VCT circuit.