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VALORANT Mobile Leaks — Here's What We Know

VALORANT Mobile release date is coming. Here's what fans can expect from the mobile version of the Riot Games tac shooter

Mobile gaming is constantly evolving and rising in popularity. In East Asia and beyond, the mobile game scene is booming – games like COD mobile have breathed new life into beloved classics and electrified mobile esports. Unsurprisingly, the recently announced VALORANT Mobile garnered excitement from the player base. As its release fast approaches, let’s examine what we know about Riot’s newest project.

What is VALORANT Mobile?

gameplay from Valorant mobile

VALORANT Mobile is RIOT’s release of VALORANT specifically tailored to mobile devices. VALORANT Mobile will be available on Android and iOS.

RIOT began the development of VALORANT mobile with a focus on China and East Asia to target the robust mobile game market. As of August, a mobile version of VALORANT was available in China as a closed beta. Footage of the closed beta has excited the fanbase; VALORANT players eagerly await an international release.

When is the VALORANT Mobile release date?

Fans speculate that RIOT will release VALORANT Mobile’s international beta in October 2023, December 2023 or January 2024. It is difficult to verify an exact date until RIOT makes an official statement. Regardless of the specific release time, the VALORANT mobile app is fast approaching. Interested players can pre-register on, where there are currently 3 million registrations.

How does VALORANT Mobile gameplay work?

The basics of VALORANT stay the same on mobile – players will still plant the spike, defuse, and duel enemies on the same classic VALORANT maps. New buttons exist for reloads, switching weapons and ability use. Players strafe and move using the left side of their screen and swipe on the right side to change their view.

There are buttons for crouching and jumping on the right side of the screen, as well as a button to access the agent’s utility. Another button on the top right of the screen is for shooting an opponent.

How is VALORANT Mobile different from PC VALORANT?

VALORANT Mobile boasts a slew of new features that distinguish it from its predecessor. For example, VALORANT Mobile will have an MVP cutscene animation for each agent and a more detailed rank-up animation. It will also have a completely different UI design. In footage of ranked gameplay, visual indicators appear during the game to let players know how many credits or points they have earned from a kill.

Rumors say the game will have a feature veteran VALORANT players have long been waiting for – a sophisticated replay and highlight system. Players can feature clips on their profile and rewatch intense games. Practice bots will also be available in the original VALORANT maps. It is uncertain if RIOT will also implement these changes in VALORANT on PC.

With brilliant graphics, fun gameplay and unique additions to the classic VALORANT concept, VALORANT Mobile will enter the mobile game arena with a splash. Stay tuned for more information as the release date approaches!