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Top 10 WoW DPS Classes for Mythic+ Dungeons Season 3

Here are the top 10 best DPS class specializations in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight for running Mythic+ Dungeons.

Top 10 WoW Dragonflight DPS Classes for Mythic+ Dungeons

  • There are 29 different DPS specializations in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.
  • The Top three DPS for Mythic+ Dungeons in WoW Patch 10.2 are Augmentation Evoker, Havoc Demon Hunter and Outlaw Rogue.
  • The three top ranged DPS in WoW for Mythic+ Dungeons are the Frost Mage, Arcane Mage and Balance Druid.

With 29 DPS specializations in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, there are countless options for which class to bring along in your Mythic+ dungeon runs. But to get the most out of your time you want to be able to conquer these dungeons as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Faster times mean higher keys and higher keys mean better loot. So here are the best DPS classes and specializations for Mythic+ dungeons in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight as of Patch 10.2 and Season 3.

Havoc Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter is a straight-up menace in Mythic+, it is hands down the best melee class you can bring along. It has great single target damage, it has amazing AoE damage and thanks to its recent rework and tier set bonuses, it's only going to get better the more you gear up. You should absolutely have this class along for your Mythic+ dungeon runs.

A night elf Demon Hunter in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight's Patch 10.2 Guardians of the Dream.

A Night Elf Demon Hunter in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight's Patch 10.2 Guardians of the Dream.

Augmentation Evoker

Like the Havoc Demon Hunter, the Augmentation Evoker outshines all other specializations in World of Warcraft when it comes to dominating in Mythic+ Dungeons. Not only does it dish out some of the highest damage in the game, it has abilities that benefit everyone in the party. If you have a choice to bring an Augmentation Evoker, it’s no choice at all.

Outlaw Rogue

While not as powerful as the Evoker or Demon Hunter mentioned above, the Outlaw Rogue has it all. They have CDs for survivability and higher single-target damage output, they’re good in AoE damage as well (though suffer a bit in heavy AoE situations) and bring some great group-wide benefits.

Arcane Mage

Mages have always been one of the best classes in World of Warcraft, regardless of the expansion. There’s a reason all three specs are in the Top 10 best DPS classes for Mythic+ Dungeons. Arcane has the best burst potential and is great for single-target. If you have beefy, high HP pool mobs you’re targeting, you can’t go wrong with Arcane Mage as a ranged DPS.

Enhancement Shaman

The melee Shaman specialization is a top performer this season for Dragonflight, and their set bonuses only further enhance their strengths. If you’ve got a melee-heavy group this makes the Windfury Totem better and better. Where Enhancement falters a bit is that they’re a glass cannon compared to other melees on this list. They have one good defensive cooldown and their AoE damage for big groups isn’t on the same level as others.

Balance Druid

The ranged DPS specialization for Druid is a unique case on this list. The first thing to know is that they’re better at AoE than single-target damage, but both are respectable. The other odd thing is that the higher the level of your key and the longer your mobs stay alive, the better the Balance druid does in Mythic+ Dungeons. They have a ramp-up time for their damage to get truly impressive. Druid also has great utility all around, so the higher up your key is, consider bringing a Balance Druid.

The Class Armor sets for (left to right) Paladin, Druid and Mage obtained in Amidrassil, the Dream's Hope raid in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Patch 10.2.

The Class Armor sets for (left to right) Paladin, Druid and Mage in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, Season 3.

Frost Mage

The Frost Mage brings a lot of strengths to Mythic+ Dungeon keys with very few downsides. Like all Mage specs they have great AoE damage and great single-target damage. They also have a plethora of great party-wide benefits as well. If you’re running keys you’re likely focusing on large packs of mobs at a time and having the permanent slow from their spells can be a godsend in some cases. Frost Mages are also, arguably, one of the most defensive spell casters in the game with amazing mobility.

Subtlety Rogue

Another rogue spec on this list, the Subtlety tree’s main strength is how quickly and how often it can dish out burst damage. It has respectable damage numbers in both AoE and single-target damage with a lot of utility. The only downside to the Subtlety Rogue is that it’s not a Havoc Demon Hunter or Outlaw Rogue. This means it’s best for your Rogues to use Outlaw and Subtely as their specs and switch when it’s called for.

Fire Mage

There is very little the Fire Mage cannot do and the only reason it’s not higher in the rankings is because other classes can just do a bit more. Similar to the Balance Druid, Fire Mage is much better at higher keys with more mob health because their damage ramps up over time. They also need some time between pulls for big CDs to finish. Also, similar to the Subtlety Rogue, they have great on-demand burst damage for phases that require tight DPS checks.

Retribution Paladin

The Paladin DPS spec is a reliable choice to bring into your Mythic+ Dungeons in Season 3 of Dragonflight. They have amazing defensive abilities, and great group-wide buffs such as Devotion Aura (damage reduction) and Retribution Aura (damage and healing increase). Their only issue is that other classes deal more raw damage then they do, but not so much that you should shun Ret Paladins if you have an open slot in your party.

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