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How To Get the Fiery Hearthsteed Mount in WoW

World of Warcraft players can get the Fiery Hearthstone Mount for free during Hearthstone's 10th Anniversary. Here's how!

World of Warcraft Mount Fiery Hearthsteed, Hearthstone 10th Anniversary, Free WoW Rewards

  • From March 11th to March 18th World of Warcraft Players can earn free Hearthstone-inspired rewards.
  • The Fiery Hearthsteed is a free mount in World of Warcraft for any players who log in during the 10th Anniversary of Hearthstone.
  • Other prizes include the Compass Rose mount, a non-combat pet, toys, and cosmetics for transmogrification.

Hearthstone is currently celebrating its 10th Anniversary and is set to spread the cheer to fellow players in World of Warcraft. Blizzard announced that the party is spilling over from the taverns of Hearthstone and into World of Warcraft where anyone who logs in can earn free rewards. Make sure to mark your calendars because the free swag isn’t available just yet. Starting on March 11th and ending on March 18th players who log into World of Warcraft can get a handful of fun items and here is how.

Players can earn the Fiery Hearthsteed Mount just by logging into World of Warcraft between March 11th and March 14.

Players can earn the Fiery Hearthsteed Mount just by logging into World of Warcraft between March 11th and March 14.

Fiery Hearthsteed Mount

The hottest item that players can pick up will be the Fiery Hearthsteed Mount. A horse made of molten metal with burning hooves, a fiery mane, and wings of flame, the Fiery Hearthsteed is a red version of the original Hearthstone mount.

To unlock the Fiery Hearthsteed Mount in World of Warcraft, all players will have to do is log into the game between March 11th and March 14th. To make that clear, the Fiery Hearthsteed Mount is only available until March 14th, despite the reward period for other items continuing until March 18th.

Hearthstone Rewards in WoW

Thanks to the wonderful folks over at Wowhead, they were able to dig up a bunch of other prizes that players will be able to earn during the 10th Anniversary of Hearthstone inside World of Warcraft. It is unclear exactly how these items will be found, but in their post, Blizzard mentions, “[players] can seek out special “Hearthstone” matches in capital cities. Stick around long enough and you’ll face a special encounter where you can defeat iconic minions to add to your deck and earn other fun new Hearthstone-themed rewards!”

Based on the data mined items players can look forward to a new mount based on the gold Hearthstone emblem called a Compass Rose. Its description claims that it was pried from a giant Hearthstone game box. A non-combat pet mouse named Sarge wears a cute little red handkerchief scarf.

Other rewards include a 36-slot bag called Collectors’ Carryall, Reno’s Hat, a Hearthstone Game Table, Hearthstone Wild Card, Hearthstone Invitational Letter, Stone of the Hearth, Reno’s Lucky Hat, Taverner’s Belt, and the Tavern’s Tabard.

Mark your calendar and set your alarms for March 11th, because the window to these prizes is short and the window for the Fiery Hearthsteed Mount is shorter.