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WoW Datamined Trading Post Rewards: February 2024, Pets, Mounts, Transmog, and more!

A new treasure trove of transmog items, mounts and more have been discovered and could be coming to the WoW Trading Post in February!

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Trading Post Rewards for February 2024 include a Pet, Weapon, and Armor Transmogs.

  • New transmog items have been discovered for the Trading Post Rewards coming in February.
  • These items were data mined recently by Wowhead and may not show up in the February Trading Post, and the cost here may change.
  • Among the rewards, one of the standout items is the Steamwheedle Artifact Extractor, a lit piece of dynamite players can carry around in their off-hand.

Since its introduction in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight the Trading Post has been a source of rare and wonderful pieces of armor and cosmetics for transmog enthusiasts and casual players alike. In a post over at Wowhead even more amazing pieces of transmog have been discovered that will likely be available through the Zen’shiri Trading Posts in Grommash Hold Orgrimmar or the T&W Trading Post in Mage District in Stormwind sometime in the near future.

Among the new rewards, players can expect an assortment of armor, weapons, cloaks, and more including a stick of burning dynamite!

Watcher of the Huntress non-combat pet in World of Warcraft.

Watcher of the Huntress non-combat pet in World of Warcraft.

What’s New at the Trading Post?

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the new stuff players will be able to find at the Trading Outposts in the future, along with tender prices. Keep in mind these have only been data mined, so it could be even longer before they show up and the prices could vary.

  • Mounts, Pets, Toys & Other
    • Watcher of the Huntress, 650 Trader’s Tenders, Pet.
    • Forgehand’s “Stable” Fuel Cell, Off-hand Transmog.
    • Desiccated Bouquet, 100 Trader’s Tenders, Off-Hand Transmog.
    • Artisan’s Work Shirt, 50 Trader’s Tenders, Shirt Transmog.
    • Steamwheedle Artifact Extractor, Off-Hand Transmog.
  • Weapon Transmog
    • Champion’s Battle Standard, Polearm Transmog.
    • Restless Void Handaxe, 450 Trader’s Tenders, One-Handed Axe Transmog.
    • Mo'arg Enforcer's Halberd, 450 Trader’s Tenders, Polearm Transmog.
    • Valarjar Champion's Greatsword, Two-Handed Sword Transmog.
    • Deathmantle Assassin's Barb, 400 Trader’s Tenders, Dagger Transmog.
    • Forgemaster's Gavel, One-Handed Mace Transmog.
    • Initiate’s Bo, Staff Transmog.
    • Woodsman’s Hatchet, One-Handed Axe Transmog.
    • Shabby Battleaxe, Two-Handed Axe Transmog.
    • Prototype Farstrider Sniper Rifle, Gun Transmog.
    • Will of the Titanforged, Two-Handed Sword Transmog.
    • Soulburner Warscythe, Polearm Transmog.
    • Devourer's Skullscythe, Staff Transmog.
    • Arsenal: Ruby Felfire Armaments, 900 Trader’s Tenders, Various Weapon Transmogs
Ensemble: Battleplate of the Honored Valarjar transmog set from World of Warcraft.

Ensemble: Battleplate of the Honored Valarjar transmog set from World of Warcraft.

  • Armor Transmog
    • Burnished Helm of Righteousness, Head Transmog.
    • Silvered Helm of Righteousness, Head Transmog.
    • Jeweled Valkyrion Cape, 50 Trader’s Tenders, Cape Transmog.
    • Ensemble: Battleplate of the Honored Valarjar, 850 Trader’s Tenders, Warrior\Paladin\Death Knight Transmog Set.
    • Ensemble: Val'sharah Protector's Battleplate, 750 Trader’s Tenders, Plate Transmog Set.
    • Ensemble: Void-Bound Raiment, 750 Trader’s Tenders, Cloth Transmog Set.
    • Ensemble: Void-Bound Battlegear, 750 Trader’s Tenders, Leather Transmog Set.
    • Ensemble: Void-Bound Chains, 750 Trader’s Tenders, Mail Transmog Set.
    • Ensemble: Void-Bound Warplate, 750 Trader’s Tenders, Plate Transmog Set.

February Trading Post Bonus Rewards

Currently, the bonus reward for the trading post has yet to be unveiled, but this article will be updated once it has been released or added to the game.

To earn a monthly bonus reward from the Trading Post in World of Warcraft complete activities to fill the bar at the top of the Traveler’s Log found in the Adventure Guide (Shift-J).

Players who missed out when it was first added in January, can still work towards earning Burden of Unrelenting Justice transmog set, a new color-shifting armor set. To earn this all players have to do is complete 12 months of Trading Posts bonus rewards, it will unlock and they do not need to do so consecutively.

How Does the Trading Post Work?

Each month, WoW players whose accounts are in good standing and are active will receive 500 Trader’s Tender (the currency for the Trading Post) from the Collector’s Cache chest. Even if you add game time in the middle of the month, you’ll still get to collect your free 500 Tenders.

By checking the Traveler’s Log found in the Adventure Guide (Shift-J) players will see a list of themed activities and challenges they can complete throughout the month. In this way, they can earn an additional 500 Trader’s Tenders. This can be done through playing the game as normal and doing stuff such as dungeons, battlegrounds, and more.

Finally, if the month is drawing to a close and players haven’t gotten one specific item they really wanted. An item can be frozen and will stay in the inventory of the Trading Post until purchased or unfrozen. And of course, you can hang onto Trader’s Tenders and get a leg up on purchasing items in the next month's rotation.