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World of Warcraft Prepares for 2024s War Within Expansion with Road Map

  • Blizzard has released a 2024 roadmap for World of Warcraft leading up to the release of the War Within expansion.
  • The road map includes 4 more updates for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight until the release of the new War Within expansion.
  • The War Within Expansion should launch somewhere in late summer, early autumn, likely in September of 2024.

2023 is finally coming to an end and with the last World First Raid Race finished up, an exciting Blizzcon season wrapped and players staring down the road to the next expansion, Blizzard has released a road map on what to expect in 2024. For the most part, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has reached its conclusion. There’s a few more incremental patches to wrap up the last bit of story consequences, but Patch 10.2 was the final major implementation.

So what is next on the horizon for World of Warcraft as we make the steady march towards the beginning of the Worldsoul Saga with the War Within expansion?

The World of Warcraft 2024 Roadmap leading up to The War Within expansion.

The World of Warcraft 2024 Roadmap leading up to The War Within expansion.

Patch 10.2.5 Seeds of Renewal

The World of Warcraft 2024 Roadmap starts with the upcoming Seeds of Renewal in Patch 10.2.5 which include quite a bit despite being an incremental patch at the end of this expansion.

Players can look forward to the epilogue of the Dragonflight expansion following the Amirdrassil Raid finale. Along with the Reclamation of Gilneas for the Alliance and Dragonriding being opened up world-wide for players.

Follower Dungeons will also be implemented, allowing players to take on dungeons throughout the leveling process in Dragonflight with key NPCs if they’re low on real players to join them.

There will also be the addition of the Azerothian Archives, the Outland Cup and a Hearthstone Anniversary Event.

Patch 10.2.6 Season 4

In the new year, once spring rolls around players can look forward to the War Within Alpha releasing around the time Season 4 drops. Ths spring months and Patch 10.2.6 will bring Dragonflight Raids revisited, a new PvP season, New Mythic+ season and new open world rewards.

More information will be shared in the future and features are likely to evolve and change based on player feedback.

Patch 10.2.7 Dark Heart

The final content update for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight will take place near the end of spring and early summer. It’ll feature a new Holiday Event, probably around Easter time at the end of March.

Dark Heart will also see the addition of Troll and Draenei Heritage Armor, a feature called Timerunning: Pandamonium and Harbinger Quests. Expect the Timerunning to have something to do with Pandaria and the Harbinger Quests, while no specific details were shared, could be alluding to something concerning the War Within…

Speaking of the War Within, the Beta should be released sometime near the end of Spring and Early summer before the War Within Pre-Patch officially launches in Patch 11.0.1.

Patch 11.0.1 The War Within Pre-Patch

The Pre-Patch Event for the War Within will come sometime in the beginning of June or July as Summer hits. Players can expect all of the usual bells and whistles of a Pre-Patch event such as World Events leading into the story of the new expansion.

Warbands will be added during the 11.0.1 Pre-Patch, as well as several other guild updates and Dynamic flight.

World of Warcraft: The War Within

According to the Roadmap, the War Within expansion will be releasing proper sometime in September, right in the middle of the summer and autumn months. By this time there should be much more information regarding the Campaign Story. Along with the release players can look forward to a plethora of content including Delves, new Hero Talents, the Earthen Allied Race, 4 new zones, 8 new dungeons, a new raid and of course, a new PvP season.

Patch 11.0.5 The War Within Content Update

The first update on the roadmap following the launch of the expansion will bring more story and quests and big updates to the new content and systems.

Players should expect a lot from this expansion and for Blizzard to pull out all of the stops as it also coincides with the 20th Anniversary event of World of Warcraft.