How Season 1 Ranked Works in XDefiant

Ranked is coming to XDefiant sooner than expected. Here's how it will work.

XDefiant players could feel the competitive nature of Ubisoft's straightforward FPS and now their demands for ranked mode are being answered. Here is what we know about how ranked mode works in XDefiant.

For a while, it wasn't clear when Season 1 Ranked would begin but it seemed like players would have to wait a bit. But now, the official XDefiant X account has declared that it will be starting Wednesday, July3 after a preseason warmup.

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"Future seasons will still have a one week warm up period but let's jump right into it with Season 1," XDefiant wrote.

It's clear that Ubisoft heard the continued pleas for Ranked mode and rushed to get it out for the masses. It was so rushed, in fact, that the tweet read "June 3" instead of "July 3." Woops. Here's what we know so far about Ranked mode.

XDefiant Season 1 Ranked - How It Works

When Season 1 dropped, Ubisoft also announced Ranked but unfortunately not much else was specified.

We do know from a press release, however, that it will utilize skill-based matchmaking. The goal is to have you playing with and against XDefiant players with the same skill level to make matches even.

The basics are that your rank will increase if you win and decrease if you lose. However, Ubisoft noted that "individual performance is taken into account." If you are the top scorer on a losing team, you'll get a reduced penalization for a loss. On the other side, if you are the lowest scorer on the winning team, you "won't get as much credit as the match MVP."

What Are the XDefiant Ranks?

The XDefiant ranks are as follows:

XDefiant ranks

Are There Ranked Rewards?

Ubisoft has confirmed that there will be rewards at the end of every season based on the rank you end on. No further details were shared but we can assume that the higher the rank, the better the reward.

XDefiant Ranked Maps and Modes

We are currently unclear on which maps will be included in Ranked. For now, it's assumed that all available maps will be added to the Ranked map pool.

For game modes, you can expect Occupy, Domination, Escort, and Zone Control. These will be a bit different than when playing Casual matches.

  • Ocuppy: Zones will rotate in a predetermined order
  • Domination: Each team will play one side of the map for five minutes, a total of 10 minutes
  • Zone Control: Teams will take turns as attackers and defenders, with defenders able to push back attackers' progress
  • Escort: No changes

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