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After 10-win season, Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz still complains about Gophers loss

The Hawkeyes' loss to the Gophers could keep Iowa out of a New Year's Six Bowl.
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The Iowa Hawkeyes wrapped up their regular season with a win over the Nebraska Cornhuskers on Friday afternoon, but Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz is still caught up on the Hawkeyes' loss to the Gophers on Oct. 21.

The latest complaint came during Ferentz's postgame press conference after the Hawkeyes defeated Nebraska 13-10. While Iowa improved to 10-2 with the win, Ferentz still couldn't let go of Cooper DeJean's invalid fair catch signal that helped Minnesota claim a win in Iowa City.

"Nobody has explained to us you can't do this," Ferentz said after waiving his arm below his waist. "That's a fair catch. Over the head., two waves....It's like 'Oh yeah, it happens all the time.' That's a bunch of shit."

Ferentz may have a right to be upset with the call after how the Hawkeyes' season turned out. The Gophers and the rest of the Big Ten West faded from contention as the Hawkeyes punted their way to a 10-2 record and ranked 17th in the latest College Football Playoff rankings.

While Iowa has been eliminated from contention under the current four-team playoff format, the loss could keep them from going to a New Year's Six Bowl reserved for the best teams in the country. The loss could have been especially damning under next year's format when the CFP will expand to 12 teams and would leave Iowa just outside of a playoff spot.

For now, the Hawkeyes will have to turn their attention to a bigger task as they will play the winner of Saturday's game between Ohio State and Michigan in the Big Ten Championship Game on Dec. 2.