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Christian Watson's father slams Packers fans, says they're worse than Philly's

Watson is among the players that have been subjected to criticism in a tough year for Green Bay.
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It's been a tough year so far for the Green Bay Packers, and the fans frustrations with a team in transition has sparked a furious response from the father of wide receiver Christian Watson.

Tazim Wajed, who was born as Tim Watson and played as a safety for the Kansas City Chiefs, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles in the '90s and early 2000s, has been letting fans have it on Twitter this past week, after the Packers fell to 3-6 with a loss at the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The main criticism he has for Packers fans is their lack of patience with what is an inexperienced offense, led by Jordan Love in his first full season as starting quarterback, and with a young receiving corps that includes Watson, Romeo Doubs and rookie tight end Luke Musgrave.

"What amazes me about this Green Bay Packers fan base, and some of you reporters quite frankly, is the fact that this team, which is literally the youngest in the NFL, was not expected to even compete this season, yet have found a way to be in every game," he tweeted.

"You all are about as bad as it gets, and I played in Philly with their schizophrenic fans."

Ouch. He then goes on to highlight the apparent fickleness of Packers fans.

"Quite frankly, you all were awful to Aaron Rodgers when he took over for Favre, and pretty much any time he wasn’t perfect on the field! You wanted Davante Adams to be cut by his 2nd season… AND you somehow think you 'deserve' better than what this team is?!? You all don’t deserve a damn thing but to support the players who’re out there playing their asses off, if you choose to be fans!"

It's at this point as Minnesota Vikings homers that we are obliged to say:

After the subsequent, predictable backlash from Packers fans, Wajed had this to say: "Simply put, if some of you seriously think YOUR rights to critique players as fans somehow supersede those of family members who may choose to defend them, then your principles of reasoning were lost somewhere along the way!"

He added: "To clarify, if defending a Human Being we have known his whole life, and love and care for is 'thin skin'… then, the fans of a football team getting overly emotional and belittling players they’ve only known even existed for all of about 18 months, over subjective performances in a game is a sign of what exactly?"

His comments continued on Friday, when he had this point to make about the 2022 Packers under Aaron Rodgers, who after nine games were, you guessed it, 3-6 on the season.

They ultimately finished 8-9, missing out on the playoffs by losing to the Detroit Lions in the final game.

Wajed himself admits that his son has to improve in a season in which the 24-year-old only has 14 receptions for 236 yards and a single touchdown across six games.

"He has to be better, more aggressive at the catch point, and more consistent… PERIOD. If not, he won’t be in the NFL very long. He knows that is how this business works. I simply have known him his whole life, and have faith in his work ethic that he can get back on track and maximize his God-given abilities," he tweeted.

And he's not the only relative of Watson's who has not-so-subtle words for Packers fans, with his brother Tre Watson Sr. posting this during Sunday's game between the New York Jets and the Las Vegas Raiders.