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5 things that stood out in the Vikings' upset win over 49ers

Jordan Addison really is the real deal. The rookie had a huge night and it could've been even bigger.
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Minnesota finished in the winner's circle with a 22-17 victory over the 49ers on Monday night. Read the gamer here, and get the five things that stood out below. 

1. Brutal execution inside the 5-yard line

The win might not've been as excruciating if the red zone offense was better. Minnesota had two possessions with first-and-goal at the 2-yard line or better and they came away with a measly 6 points. Here's how their plays in those situations fared: 

  • 1st-and-goal at the 2: Mattison 1-yard loss
  • 2nd-and-goal at the 3: Cousins incomplete to Addison
  • 3rd-and-goal at the 3: Cousins incomplete to Powell
  • 1st-and-goal at the 1: Cousins sneak no gain
  • 2nd-and-goal at the 1: False start
  • 2nd-and-goal at the 6: 4-yard pass to Addison
  • 3rd-and-goal at the 2: Cousins incomplete to Addison

2. Taking advantage of McCaffrey's fumble


When the third play of the game resulted in Charvarius Ward stealing the ball away from Jordan Addison for an interception, it felt like the same song and dance that killed the Vikings during their 1-4 start to the season. But this time around the Vikings forced a turnover of their own when Cam Bynum and Harrison Smith forced Christian McCaffrey to fumble in the red zone. 

Minnesota turned that rare-this-season fumble recovery into a 10-play, 89-yard drive that ended with Cousins hitting Addison for a 20-yard touchdown and a 7-0 lead. 

Before the game, the 49ers had lost just two fumbles all season. Minnesota led the NFL with nine lost fumbles entering the night. 

3. Resolve and creativity

Leading 7-0 in the second quarter, the Vikings were moving the ball down the field when tight end Josh Oliver was called for holding, setting up a 2nd-and-14 situation. Kevin O'Connell called for a double-pass, with Cousins throwing left to Addison and Addison throwing back to the right to Ty Chandler, who ran for what would've been a 27-yard gain to get the ball inside the 10-yard line. 

But K.J. Osborn was called for pass interference and the play was wiped up, setting up a 2nd-and-24 situation. Osborn engaged in blocking before Addison's forward pass to Chandler was completed, therefore the flag was thrown. 

On 2nd-and-24, Osborn made a diving catch to set up 3rd-and-10, and then Minnesota hit a screen play to Cam Akers for a 30-yard gain all the way down to the 2-yard line. 

Minnesota had to settle for a 21-yard Greg Joseph field goal but it was better than what could've been. 

4. Vikings got away with 8 players on the field

Facing 3rd-and-1 with the second quarter clock winding towards the two-minute warning, the Vikings had just eight players on the field and Brock Purdy and the Niners chose not to snap the ball, instead letting the two-minute warning hit. 


5. Jordan Addison really is the real deal


Six touchdowns in seven NFL games? Not bad for the rookie from USC as he led the Vikings with five catches for 95 yards and two touchdowns, including the game-changing 60-yard touchdown when he ripped the ball from Charvarius Ward and sprinted for the score with seven seconds left in the first half. 

Addison finished the night with seven catches for 124 yards and two touchdowns. He also drew a huge illegal contact penalty in the fourth quarter for a first down and made a catch for 16 yards on third down with the clock nearing two minutes left in the game. Oh, and he could've had two other touchdowns if not for a pass interference penalty near the goal line in the third quarter and the ball that Cousins sailed high in the end zone in the first half.