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Expert: Refs blew call on Kareem Jackson's vicious hit on Josh Dobbs

Former referee Terry McCauley said the refs should've flagged Jackson for the hit.
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A forceful hit by Kareem Jackson in which he led with his helmet put Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs in the blue medical tent after the third play of the game – a play that Dobbs lost a fumble trying to pick up a first down on 3rd-and-1. 

Dobbs was quickly out of the tent and back in the game, but NBC analyst Terry McAuley said the officiating crew should've flagged Jackson for a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty. 

Instead, the Broncos got the football and wound up kicking a field goal for a 3-0 lead. Had a flag been thrown, the fumble wouldn't have counted and the Vikings would've had a first down near midfield. 

Jackson is back in the Denver lineup after serving a two-game suspension for an illegal hit against Green Bay tight end Luke Musgrave. Jackson has been called for five unnecessary roughness penalties this season.