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FOX host Keyshawn Johnson thinks Kirk Cousins threw the Minneapolis Miracle

Cousins did beat the Saints in his only playoff win, but it was Case Keenum who threw the walk-off touchdown to Stefon Diggs.
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The debate over Kirk Cousins's pending free agency continues and morning talk show hosts are getting dizzy trying to account for his accolades.

Discussing Cousins's future on Friday's episode of Undisputed, Fox host and former NFL receiver Keyshawn Johnson was making his argument as to why the Minnesota Vikings should let Cousins walk this spring.

But while he correctly stated that Cousins has just one playoff win, he also stated that Cousins was part of the "Minneapolis Miracle."

"He's 1-3 lifetime in the postseason and the only win is the miracle," Johnson said. "The eyes closed by the New Orleans Saints? That's the only one."

The Minneapolis Miracle was a last-second Vikings victory over the Saints but the play was made by Case Keenum, who threw a deep pass to Stefon Diggs. Diggs avoided Marcus Williams for a wide-open path to the end zone and a walk-off touchdown that sent the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game and we won't talk about what happened the following week.

Cousins joined the Vikings a few months later, signing a three-year, $84 million contract in free agency. While he has spent six years in Minnesota, his lone playoff win came in Jan. 2020 when he threw a game-winning touchdown to Kyle Rudolph in a 26-20 overtime victory at what is now named the Caesar's Superdome.

While Johnson made the remark fellow hosts Michael Irvin and Skip Bayless seemed to agree with Johnson as he made his case against keeping Cousins. Although nobody seemed to remember a play that Vikings fans may deem the greatest day of their life, there are sure to be discussions like this across bars in Minnesota until Cousins makes his decision next month.