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Harrison Smith 'sorry' for hitting George Kittle below the belt

"I was like, 'I'm honestly sorry about that.' I'm like, 'I'm sorry but I have to, there's no other option."
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Feeling as fresh as possible after a Tuesday morning massage, Minnesota Vikings safety Harrison Smith joined The Pat McAfee Show the day after the Vikings took down the 49ers 22-17 on Monday night. 

They talked about plenty, including Creed in the locker room, the Vikings putting it all together, Kirk Cousins being on fire, on playing the Niners without star left tackle Trent Williams, and his big hit on George Kittle that left the tight end with some below the belt pain. 

Smith on Cousins and Creed music: "He's pretty into Creed right now so we had that bumpin' pregame before the tunnel," Smith said. "Just trying to keep it loose."

He then confirmed that it's true he said there's no need for the pregame prayers because Creed is the work for them. 

"Yeah, you could tell the guys were feeling it. I don't think most people even know who Creed is at this point, as far as the young guys, but you get the O-line going and Kirk and a few other guys, it's very popular right now."

Smith on the Vikings putting it all together: "Kind of the first few games we couldn't put it all together. When the defense needed to make a play we weren't making it. When the offense needed to, they weren't. It wasn't matching up. But we all know what's there."

It all came together in the win over San Francisco. 

"The Niners are really, really good," Smith said. "I think we just kind of took that as a challenge, like we can show to ourselves more than anybody else that we can be who we think we are and it was just a good opportunity for us."

Smith later compared the Vikings to an amoeba, saying they "just try to be what we need to be. It's a lot of fun, we're wiggly."

Smith on the 49ers playing without Williams: "That guy is a guy and when he's not on the field you feel a little safer. When he gets his paws on you you're pretty much done for the play," Smith said. "Once he gets you, maybe just shut it down for that play and save your energy."

Smith on hitting Kittle in crotch: "That's my guy, too. And like, that's really the only place I can hit him, though. I'm trying to keep my head out of it. Right when I got up he was like, 'Man, you hit me right here.' I was like, 'I'm honestly sorry about that.' I'm like, 'I'm sorry but I have to, there's no other option."