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Huh...suddenly Mike Florio is on the Kirk Cousins bandwagon

"Cousins showed me something last night that made me change my mind."

All of a sudden Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio is on the Kirk Cousins bandwagon, saying the Minnesota Vikings need to consider signing him to an extension when just three weeks ago he was criticizing Cousins for going to a Minnesota Twins baseball game on his day off.

Speaking on his Pro Football Talk show Tuesday, Florio (in a No. 8 Cousins jersey) said, "The Vikings need to at least consider the possibility of getting Kirk Cousins signed, in lieu of starting over again with a rookie quarterback who may or may not pan out. And I can't believe I'm saying that because I thought that's what they should do but Cousins showed me something last night that made me change my mind."

Florio previously criticized Cousins for not "wanting to be great" because he had the audacity to take his kids to a playoff baseball game on a Tuesday, the day NFL players have off. Cousins took his boys to see the Twins play the Blue Jays on Oct. 3, at which point in time the Vikings were 1-3, fresh off a win over Carolina. 

Cousins was outstanding in the Vikings' season-reviving  win over the 49ers Monday night, going 35-of-45 for 378 yards, two touchdowns and one interception against one of the NFL's best defenses. 

Despite the poor overall start to the season for the Vikings, Cousins has been on a blistering pace as he's second in the league in yards (2,057) and No. 1 in the NFL with 16 touchdown passes.

The Vikings and Cousins could not come to an agreement over the offseason on a contract extension, forcing the 35-year-old to play out the final year of his deal this season.