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Justin Jefferson wants connection with Kirk Cousins to continue

"I would love to have him stay and have that connection with him."

Justin Jefferson wants Kirk Cousins back in Minnesota.

"I would like him to stay," Cousins told NFL Network's Rich Eisen Wednesday on Radio Row in Las Vegas. 

The superstar receiver made headlines earlier Wednesday for saying he wants to 'break the bank' when it comes to his next contract. The Vikings QB position is in flux with Cousins out of a contract in March and the team holding the No. 11 pick in the upcoming draft.

Jefferson said he had "no idea" who the team's quarterback will be in 2024. The 24-year-old said there was newfound appreciation for Cousins after having multiple different quarterbacks throughout the 2023 season.

"Kirk is great," Jefferson said. "Kirk is great as a teammate, as a person. Seeing the difference from having multiple quarterbacks throw to you as opposed to having that one main quarterback. It's definitely a difference. You, kind of, appreciate it more.

"I feel like everyone, especially Vikings fans, appreciate Kirk a little bit more now that we've seen him off the field. It's definitely been tough but to see him still in the training room, still interacting with us as a team, still having that high spirit. I guess we will see what goes on."

Cousins suffered a season-ending Achilles injury in Week 8 with the Vikings at 4-4. The Vikings went 3-6 in the final nine game without him.

"I would love to have him stay and have that connection with him," Jefferson continued. "It's going to be difficult to create that connection with a whole new quarterback. Especially if we don't know if we're going to draft one or we're going to pick one up. So, it's a little bit of a difficult situation. But I would like to have him back. I would like to have him in that locker room especially with that leadership he has."