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Kirk Cousins open to possibility of playing for Bill Belichick

He was asked about the prospect by CBS Sports' Isabel Gonzalez.
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Could Kirk Cousins team up with Bill Belichick? Cousins seems open to the idea.

Asked by CBS Sports’ Isabel Gonzalez whether he would play for Belichick if he got the chance, Cousins appeared excited by the prospect.

“I’m not going to turn down an opportunity to play with a future Hall of Fame coach,” Cousins said, “but we’ll have to see where March leads, there’s just a lot of unknowns right now.”

There are unknowns for both parties involved. Belichick is in the midst of the NFL head coaching interview cycle, with NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reporting that Belichick will have a second interview with the Atlanta Falcons this weekend.

Meanwhile, Cousins is a free agent coming off a season in which he was playing his best football but suffered an Achilles tear that ended his campaign prematurely. The Vikings appear to be interested in bringing him back, but like Cousins said, there’s a lot of unknowns as it stands now.

Asked for his thoughts about Belichick, Cousins said he has “great respect for him as a coach.”

“If you go to that many Super Bowls, win that many Super Bowls, go to that many conference championship games, have the defensive production that he’s had for years and years, it says it all,” Cousins said.

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