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National announcer feels 'so sorry for Minnesota fans'

"The Vikings, they lure you in, they get you excited...and they find new ways to let you down."
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It feels like centuries have passed since Cleveland was the most cursed sports market in the United States, then LeBron returned and the drought was over. Meanwhile, more than 600 miles to the northwest in Minnesota, there are cobwebs covering the confetti-filled cupboards.

There is hope. At least on the college level. The Gopher men's hockey team is No. 1 in the country and the women's ice hockey team is always a threat. Minnesota-Duluth has won three men's hockey championships in recent years. And one cannot discuss titles in Minnesota without mentioning four championship trophies won by the Lynx between 2011 and 2016, but the professional men's teams are a different story. 

The Vikings won 13 games but were called frauds by the national media. That proved accurate as they were dismissed by the Giants in a first round home loss. They haven't been to The Big Game since 1976 and we all know the conference championship horror stories against the Falcons, Giants, Saints, and Eagles. 

The Timberwolves are the Timberwolves. Enough said. The Wild (and before them the North Stars) haven't earned a title despite calling their home the "State of Hockey." And the Twins haven't come close since winning the World Series in 1991 and 1987. 

Add it all up and since the Twins' championship in 1991 the four major league men's teams in Minneapolis-St. Paul have gone 114 consecutive seasons without a championship. The number would be higher if the Minnesota United are included, but we'll spare them from the Losers Club since they're just a few years into their MLS mission. 

But with the Vikings' misery fresh in our minds, it's those wearing horned hats with purple and gold face paint who are the most tortured fans in the NFL. Even the outsiders agree. 

Kay Adams, who hosts "Up and Adams" on FanDuel TV and previously hosted NFL Network's "Good Morning Football," summed up (perfectly) what it's like to be a Vikings fan. 

"It has been 46 years since they made it to a Super Bowl," she said. "With this fan base, I would rather be a Bears fan. If you're a Bears fan you're riding through Wild Card weekend eating Giordano's pizza. You know what you're getting. You're not competing.

"The Vikings, they lure you in, they get you excited ... and they find new ways to let you down. And they have the most thrilling miracles," she said. "And it never amounts to anything. I'm so sorry for Minnesota fans that you have to go through this every year."

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