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Report: Structure, not money is holding up Justin Jefferson extension

Commentator believes Vikings' rule regarding guaranteed money is the sticking point.

The hold up on Justin Jefferson’s contract extension could be the structure of the deal rather than the money, according to reports from Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio.

In an article Florio wrote on Feb. 8, he reported that the Vikings have an internal “rule” with contract extensions in which they will only fully guarantee money in the first year that the contract is signed. Florio insinuates in the story — which was regarding Jefferson’s patience with the process — that the Vikings’ “rule” about the guaranteed money could be what’s holding up the extension.

Florio reiterated that sentiment in an interview with Paul Allen on KFXN-FM 100.3 on Wednesday. He’s of the mindset that the Vikings need to make an exception for Jefferson like they did with quarterback Kirk Cousins.

“I can confidently say that JJ is very patient, but his patience will have its limits. And the problem continues to be not the dollars, but the structure,” Florio told Allen. “The Vikings are one of the few teams that will not fully guarantee beyond the first year of the contract for anyone other than Kirk Cousins. 

"If you’re not gonna make that same exception for Justin Jefferson, you’re gonna have a problem with Justin Jefferson eventually.”

Florio said on air that the policy is a directive of the Wilfs. In his Feb. 8 article, Florio wrote that the Vikings are “inching closer and closer to screwing the pooch” and that they need to do the “right thing” and give Jefferson the extension he deserves.

When an extension does come, it’s sure to make Jefferson the highest-paid wide receiver in football and potentially even the highest-paid non-quarterback. Former Vikings general manager Jeff Diamond predicted in an article for 33rd Team that Jefferson will get a five-year deal worth $172.5 million with $125 million guaranteed.